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IN LOVELY WALES. The Parade, Aberystwyth. [E. R. Cyde. declared Sir James Clarke, "will do as much good in some cases as a month at other watering places," and from its bracing sea and mountain air we quite believe it. The town stretches northwards round the curve of its crescent-shaped bay as far as the rocky eminence of Constitution Hill, which all visitors should ascend once at least during their stay, from which splendid views of Cardigan Bay and the surrounding country can be obtained. The seashore is a happy hunting ground, for here are to be found really valuable "Aberystwyth agates "—although, it has been whispered, that it is only the lapidaries know where to find them. The pier, with its bands, is also an attraction, where the soothing music and the sound of the lap-lap of the waves help to pass an idle hour away. The splendid University College should be visited, and in the Museum will be found many objects of value and interest, illustrating the industry and archaeology of Wales. The sea angler, fishing with line from a boat, from the reefs, from the new Promenade, or from the stone pier at the Harbour, will be rewarded n.—ABERYSTWYTH. PAST and present, town and country, sea and fountains, lake, stream, and waterfall invest this elsh watering-place with attractions for the ealth-seeker, tourist, angler, boating-man, artist, and antiquary. Aberystwyth, situated on the Influx of the rivers Ystwyth and Rheidol, is °Pen to the Atlantic, whose waters roll to the errace wall. Its genial yet bracing air makes it Uiost healthful resort at all seasons of the year, e*ng sheltered from the north-east winds. Unlike Llandudno, which a few years ago was small village by the sea, Aberystwyth boasts of ruins of an historic castle, the original of Cik Was suPPosed to have been erected by u de Strongbowin iio9. Previously to this, t.es long and fierce had been fought between G'?k Pr*nces and Norman lords; and when eFt came into power, under the sanction of of^y I-> after beating Cadwgan ap Bleddyn out p0 ?? Province, he built the castle to fortify his on 1i1°n" Twenty years after, the castle was set nre in consequence of a family quarrel, rer castle and another destruction are ever before the year 1208. History, how- le„ must be consulted if the reader would ri ore, for our space is limited, but we may the *ts Present dismantled state is due to guns of the Roundheads. The Biarritz of Wales. erystwyth has been called the Biarritz of a es. "A fortnight at Aberystwyth," once 1. Artists' Valley. 3. Waterfall, Artists' Valley. 2. Pontrhyd-y-Groes. 4. Llyfnant Valley.