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SCHOOL EXCURSIONS, CHURCH, CHOIR, AND GUILD OUTINGS. EXCURSIONS TO EPSOIDOWIIS. MRS. SPARKS, wife of the Station Master at Epsom Downs '■Railway Station (L.B. & S.C. Rly.), will be pleased to send circular on application giving full particulais as to Terms. The Station is on the Downs and there is Ample Shelter Free. Marquees, Dining Halls (1st and and class), Lavatories, Cloakroom, and an abundant supply of Pure Drinking Water. The Downs are 2,000 acres in 'extent, beautiful views', and a lovely breeze on the hottest day. Some splendid Unsolicited Testimonials can be seen on application. ELSTREE. TWELVE MILES FROM ST. PANCRAS. 400 feet above Sea Level. The air is wonderfully bracing the scenery magnificent. The Midland Railway Company issue special cheap fares, viz., is. ;adults, 6d. children, return from St. Pancras. Elstree is therefore u an ideal place for Sunday School Treats and Band of Hope Excursions. TP- PORTI* R Caterer, Cook, Baker ■ 1 Einy „ and Confectioner, has pleasure in announcing that he has two fields, 32! acres, only nve minutes' walk from station. These fields are pleasantly situated, commanding splendid views of this very pretty neighbour- hood, and contain well-matured trees. A large permanent pavilion has been erected, and shelter is provided in case of wet for 800 people. TO SECURR PATES PLEASE BOOK EARLY. Apply for Illustrated Price List. CYMRY LLUNDAIN. CEFNOGWCH GYMRO. R. H. JONES, From POOLE'S. LADIES'& GENTLEMEN'S TAILOR, 8, ELEPHANT ROAD (Close to Elephant and Castle Station), NEW KENT ROAD, S.E. On receipt of a postcard, R. H. J. will call on Customers living SUITS from 35/ at a OVERCOATS from 35/ LADIES' COSTUMES from 2i Gns. LADIES' TAILORING a Speciality. BRETHYN DA. GWAITH DA, TORIAD FFASIYNOL A REAL SMART „ *7 WALKING SKIRT. ■ The Ideal Black Vicuna- Skirt, Fashionably Gored and Trimmed. Send length and waist measurements. Carriage and Packing 6d. extra. Illustrated List post free. C. RUSSELL & CO., 64, 66, 68 68a, & 70, DENMARK HILL, S.E. ESTABLISHED 1789. N. PAUL & co s HIGH-CLASS Mineral Waters OUR SPECIALITY- BREWED GINGER BEER in Stone Bottles. POTASS WATER, SELTZER WATER, :SODA WATER, LITHIA WATER, LEMONADE, GINGER ALE, &c. SPARKLING AND BRILLIANT. In Corked or Large Screw-Stoppered Bottles or Syphons. The oldest firm of Mineral Water Manufacturers in the World. r^b'lshed by N. PAUL, in Geneva, as PAUL SCHWEPPE and USSE, in 1789 and in London as N. PAUL, & CO., and later in Bow Street as PAUL & BURROWS, in 1802. .,It PAUL & CO., 33, King's Rd., St. Pancras, N.W. London, Edinburgh and Glasgow ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. An ANNUAL PREMIUM of X,6 gives the following advantages under Class I.:— £1,000 at Death or Permanent Total Disablement by | Accident. > £2,000 at Death or Permanent Total Disablement by 1 Accident to Train, Tramcar or Omnibus. :5 £ 500 for Permanent Partial Disablement by Accident. a £ 1,000 for Permanent Partial Disablement by Accident to 1 Train, Tramcar or Omnibus. 94 JE500 for Total and Irremediable Blindness or Permanent < General Paralysis, caused in either case by Disease. I m £ 30 Annuity for Permanent Total Disablement (other S than loss of limbs or sight). JB60 Annuity for Permanent Total Disablement (other than loss of limbs or sight) by Accident to Train, < Tramcar or Omnibus. Y,6 Weekly during Temporary Total Disablement by z Accident. (U zC12 Weekly during Temporary Total Disablement by S Accident to Train, Tramcar or Omnibus. 8 zC6 Weekly during Temporary Total Disablement caused < bv Typhoid, Typhus or Scarlet Fevers, Diph- theria, Small Pox, Carbuncles, Measles, Appendicitis (with operation), Diabetes, 2 Erysipelas, Asiatic Cholera, Ptomaine Poison- o ing, Epilepsy, Apoplexy, Meningitis, Tetanus, Hydrophobia, Bubonic Plague, Pneumonia, 5 Pleurisy. O £1 10/- Weekly during Temporary Partial Disablement by Accident. zC3 Weekly during Temporary Partial Disablement by Accident to Train, Tramcar or Omnibus. The Weekly Compensation for Accidents is extended to Fifty-two weeks, but limited to Twenty-six weeks for Disease. Insurance against Accidents only at usual rates. Head Office INSURANCE BUILDINGS, 26 & 27, FARRINGDON STREET, LONDON E.C. THOS. NEILL, General Manager. BROOK STREET PHARMACY (Established in Reign of George 111.), ROBERT L. WHIGHAM, M.P.S., !AKS?'-AL- 22, BROOK STREET, BOND STREET, W. Prescriptions dispensed by competent assistants under personal supervision and with the purest drugs. WHIGHAM'S LUNG LINCTUS. for Coughs, Asthma, &c., 131d. per bottle. PECTORAL LOZENGES, 13id. per box. 2 GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS, 13!d. per box. 7:7- Telegraphic Address- ALLOPATHY, LONDON." Telephone No. 4,632 GERRARD. Medicines by post above 2/6 value sent post free. D, COOKSEY tc SON, Inexpensive & Modewn Funerats. (Price List on Application). 266, UPPER STREET, ISLINGTON, and 52, AMWELL STREET, PENTONVILLE. Carriage Department, 97, CHAPEL STREET. Telephone Nos 30 and 601, KING'S CROSS ADVERTISE IN "THE LONDON WELSHMAN." .1;39- It will Pay You. RINGER'S SUPERFINE 10 MANUFACTURERS, N?60.REPam STREET. L- BRISTOL. I To be obtained at the Shops of XMR. J. NETTEN, icigar Importer, ;,c^d! KINQ'Sl!CROSS.~ J. STRONG & SONS, Ltd., HIGH-CLASS PIAN05, 118, EUSTON ROAD. PIANOS BY THE HIRE PURCHASE SYSTEM AND ALSO FOR CASH. A large assortment by all makers is kept in Stock. Terms from 10/6 per month. We undertake to say that better value and terms cannot be obtained elsewhere. 9 Guineas. AMERICAN ORGAN. Sankey model, eleven stops, including two knee stops, and the beautiful solo stops, voix celeste and vox humana -two octave couplers-handsome high case-in use about four months—20 years' warranty-easy terms arranged- packing and carriage free both ways on approval-full price paid will be allowed within three years, if exchanged for higher class instrument. D'ALMAINE & CO. (Established 120 years). 91, Finsbury Pavement, London, E.C. Open till 7; Saturdays 3. 15 Guineas. DUCHESS MODEL PIANO, by D'ALMAINE fi CO. (Est. 120 years). Solid Iron Frame, Upright Grand-full compass, full trichord, check repeater action, &c.— in handsomely carved case—4 ft. in height-in use only six months- sent on approval-carriage free both ways to any part of United Kingdom-twenty years' warranty-easy terms arranged-full price paid will be allowed if exchanged for a higher class instrument within three years. D'ALMAINE & CO. (Established 12Q years) 91, Finsbury Pavement, London E.C. Open till 7 Saturdays 3. BOWMAN, Ltd., 68 & 70, GOSWELL ROAD, Clerkenwell, London, E.C., Jtmêffêf6 anb £ >>tft?er(rmtf#0+ < < < Good Bargains to be had. Welshmen are specially invited to give us a call and inspect our large stock of every description of Jewellery. -+- EVERY ARTICLE GUARANTEED AS REPRESENTED. HENRY BOWN, HIGH-CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER, 43, NEW KENT ROAD (close to Falmouth Road); 298, CLAPHAM RD.; 31 & 33, JAMAICA RD. (Dockhead). Under personal supervision of the Proprietor. Cabinets from 7/6 per dozen. C.D.V.'s from 2/6 per dozen. Well recommended by Welshmen who have patronised me. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO COPYING AND ENLARGING. DELICIOUS COFFEE. RED WHITE & BLUE Fop Breakfast & after Din nets