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Home News. ANGLESEA. As an outcome of the Welsh revival the Baptist churches of Anglesea report an addition of over 1,000 to their membership. This is a larger increase than that of the previous 20 years put together. BRECON. Mrs. Annabella Mary Garnons Worlledge, of Brecon, who died on the 18th February last, left estate of the gross value of £ 2,550 15s. 4d., includ- ing personalty of the net value of £ ^2,387 4s. 4d. Mr. Joseph James, B.A., Memorial College, has 6 accepted a unanimous call to the pastorate of Bethesda Welsh Congregational Church, Ton, Ystrad, on the completion of his collegiate course. The French Minister for Foreign Affairs, acting on the suggestion of M. Dujardin Beaumety, Under Secretary of State for Fine Arts, has just conferred the Cross of the Legion of Honour on Madame Adelina Patti. CARDIGAN. The Rev. Joseph Jenkins, of Newquay, Cardigan- shire, is reported to have been taken seriously ill while conducting a mission in Manchester. Mr. Richard Jones, Superintendent of Police at Aberystwyth, is included in the short list of candi- dates for the appointment of Chief Constable of Burnley. The Aberystwyth Town Council has decided to double its annual subscription to the Welsh National Agricultural Society, and this year will contribute £ 50 instead of £ 25. At a meeting of Cardiganshire Education Com- mittee, Mr. Vaughan Davies, M.P., moved that the committee support the claims of Aberystwyth to be selected as the location of the National Library. The motion was carried unanimously. Mr. J. M. Howell remarked that it would add to the influence of the vote if they all subscribed to the fund befoie leaving the room. CARNARVON. Mr. T. Westlake-Morgan, the organist of Bangor Cathedral, was one of the adjudicators at a recent Eisteddfod and Festival," held in the Isle of Man. The Carnarvon Town Council resolved to guarantee Z5,000 for the fund required in connec- tion with the movement for securing the Welsh National Museum for that town. Mr. D. J. Jones and Mr. D. A. Thomas, exhi- bitioners of Jesus College, Oxford, and of the Bangor Clerical Education Fund, have been awarded respectively a second and fourth class in Classical Honour Moderations at Oxford. Through the streets of Bangor a large crowd on Saturday followed a young man who bore a remark- able resemblance to Mr. Evan Roberts^ and the rumour spread that the revivalist had come to Preach at a particular chapel. The object of their attentions, however, serenely passed the chapel door and proceeded to a football match. At Bangor Police Court a police officer admitted ^bat he had summoned a man for being disorderly because he called him a devil." The defendant's solicitor ridiculed the charge, remarking that the desIgnation" devil" was regarded by some people as a term of endearment.—The Chairman It is not a term of endearment in Welsh, and it is a rare Mouthful to pronounce.—Satisfied that using the ^°rd devil" did not constitute disorderly conduct, the Bench dismissed the case. At Llanbeblig Parish Church, Carnarvon, on Sun- day, four adults were baptised by immersion. The <tj5ar) writing in the Church Monthly, says: There seems to be an idea prevalent that in the S^se of adults this form of christening is required. \"is is not the case. In the case of infants imraer- SIOn is the rule-pouring of water being allowed as alternative. In the case of persons of ripe years Jpping and pouring are mentioned as of equal ^gnificance. Sprinkling is not permitted by the CARMARTHEN. Sir Lewis Morris, Penbryn, has, by special J^l^st) written an ode on the interesting function the laying of the memorial stone of the Sana- nf"?111 at Alltymynydd by H.R.H. Princess Christian. ^iUiam Evans George, of Newcastle Emlyn, anH C(^tor' Clerk to the Guardians and of the Cenarth Clydey School Boards, who died on the 12th oveniber last, left estate of the gross value of vai' 9 15s. 8d., including personalty of the net U'e °f ^9,706 14s .2d. The death took place very suddenly last week of Dr. J. Jenkin Lloyd at his residence, Llanelly. He was one of the best known practitioners in the district. The deceased gentleman was a native of Llanelly, and appeared to be in good health up to within a few hours of his death. The three year old son of John Llewelyn Jones, 51, Stanley Street, Llanelly, strayed on to the line near his home and was run over by a mineral train, the wheels of the trucks passing over his head. A Mrs. Richards witnessed the shocking occurrence, and running to the spot pulled the little one from beneath the wheels, but was only in time to save the body from being further mangled. On Saturday evening the moulders of Glanmor Foundry, Llanelly, who a few days ago were locked out on a wages dispute by the management, marched round the town, headed by a brass band and the union officials. The Company, having dis- charged all the moulders, have now engaged men from the Midlands to take their place, this intro- duction of English workmen being,resented by the strikers. DENBIGH. The estate of Mrs. Susannah Wynne, of New Hall, Glyn Ceiriog, has been valued for probate at ^5,475- There was only one case, and that was cancelled' at the last Ruabon petty sessions, once about the busiest in this part of the country. This remark- able change is due to the Revival. Charles Evans and Bertie Griffiths, by descend- ing a disused coal pit at Brandy, Ruabon, a short time ago rescued two dogs. In recognition of their humane conduct Our Dumb Friends' League has decided to present each of them with a silver watch. Miss Harriet Edwards, proprietress of the Hand Hotel, at Llangollen, died last week. Her mother was the Maid of Llangollen who inspired Charles Matthew's muse. Her brother, Mr. Frank Edwards, M.P. for Radnorshire, was present at the time of her death. A terrible fight between a lion and three lionesses which ended in the death of the lion occurred at a travelling circus visiting Wrexham. The sight was a terrible one, but the lionesses soon overcame the lion, whose ribs were broken through. One of the hind legs was broken, and the animal was disem- bowelled. A carter named David Roberts, of Glenfron, Llangollen, was delivering coal at the head of a steep ascent to houses situated above the Holy- head Road, having left his horse and cart below. He heard a motor-car horn sound, and hurrying down to reach the head of the young horse he ran into the car, which was going at a high speed. He was caught and dragged along the road. His clothes were torn to shreds, his leg badly fractured, and he was severely injured about other parts of the body. FLINT. A marriage has been arranged between Mr. Trevor Eyton, of Coed Mawr, Holywell, and Isabel Marion, fourth daughter of Sir William Henry Tate, Bart., of Highfield, Woolton, Lan- cashire, and Downing, Holywell. The Holywell Urban Council have decided to present an address of welcome to the Duke and Duchess of Westminster on the occasion of their visit to Holywell on May I, when the Duchess will open a floral bazaar at the Assembly Hall GLAMORGAN. Welsh Industries' Association propose to hold an exhibition in Swansea in October next. Mr. Askwith, barrister-at-law, Board of Trade arbitrator in the Duffryn steel workers' dispute will visit Swansea on May 6th. Mr. Evan Jenkins, of Glanrhyd, near Swansea, who died on the 5th March last, left estate of the gross value of £ 12,152 IS. 2d., including personalty of the net value of £ 9,805 4s. 8d. A communication has been received by the Barry Education Authority that the Board of Education will hold a local inquiry as to the St. Helen's Roman Catholic School difficulty. The dead body of a young woman named Ellen Evans, Port Tennant Road, Swansea, who had been missing three weeks, was found floating in the North Dock, Swansea, on Sunday morning. The man who built a house and forgot to put in the stairs has been overshadowed by the Swan- sea Corporation. They are building afire brigade station, and have just discovered that they have forgotten to provide room for the horses. Last week the dead body of a woman, identified as the wife of Mr. Evan Jones, Belle Vue, Tre- cynon, was found in the lake in Aberdare public park. A child, drawn by curiosity, pushed forward when the body was being removed, and on the face being uncovered cried out, It's my mother." There is a likelihood of the North Staffordshire Choir competing for premier honours at the Na- tional Eisteddfod at Mountain Ash. Three times already-at Merthyr, Bangor, and Rhyl—have their efforts been crowned with success, and they now aspire to the coveted laurels for a fourth time. This year, for the first time, the first prize for design in the Students' section of the Society of Architects, London, has been won by a Welshman, —Mr. Morgan Williams, pupil of Mr. W. D. Jenkins, County Education Architect, Carmarthen, and son of Mr. W. Williams, Bird-in-Hand Inn, Ystalyfera. Mr. R. B. Goodyer, who was manager of the Cardiff tramways until they were taken over by the Corporation, has put in a claim for £ 2,500 in respect of injuries sustained by his wife, who was knocked down by an electric car in September last. Mrs. Goodyer was crossing Newport Road near her house when the accident happened. The Corporation are defending the action, and have instructed the town clerk to retain counsel. MERIONETH. At the annual meeting of Dolgelly Board of Guardians Mr. Hugh Evans, of Barmouth. was elected Chairman, and Mr. John Pugh Jones, Corris, Vice-Chairman. Catherine Williams, who died last week at the age of 102, was Festiniog's oldest inhabitant. She attended several revival services early in the year, some of which lasted until close upon midnight. The annual Chair and Musical Eisteddfod usually held at Bala on Whit-Monday, has been postponed for a year on account of the continuance of revival meetings in all parts of North Wales. The published list of competitions will be in force for Whit-Monday, 1906. Towyn Urban District Council have decided that a conference of the farmers of the district and Mr. Denniss, General Manager of the Cambrian Railways, should be held on May 15, with a view to securing their active co-operation in the develop- ment of Volunteer encampments. MONMOUTH. The annual meeting of North Monmouthshire Liberal Association was held on Monday at Ponty- pool, Mr. Thomas Marshall, Abersychan, presiding. It was reported that the number of electors on the register was 12,995, as against 12,878 in 1904. The Newport and Monmouthshire Branch of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children during the quarter ended March 31, 1905, inquired into 50 complaints of neglect, ill- treatment, and other wrongs of childhood, of which all were found to be true, affecting 180 children and 65 offenders. MONTGOMERY. On the motion of the Mayor (Mr. Pryce-Jones) the Welshpool Town Council decided to support Aberystwyth's claims to the Welsh National Library. PEMBROKE. Mrs. Stephens, wife of Mr. J. Bowen Stephens, plasterer, of Trevaughan, Whitland, was recently delivered of triplets, two boys and a girl. Miss M. A. Bowen, daughter of the Tenby stationmaster, has just had two pictures (" A Bowl of Lilac" and" Hydrangeas") accepted by the Royal Academy. The death is announced of the Rev. B. D. Thomas, Calvinistic Methodist minister, Wood- stock, Pembrokeshire, which occurred on Sunday, in his 79th year. He had been minister for over 50 years, and was an exceedingly able preacher. He was the author of biographies of several of the leading ministers of the Connexion. We regret that a paragraph appeared in our last issue, under Home News," attributing to the Local Government Journal a statement that "the Local Government Board had sanctioned a loan of £ 1,000 for a water supply for Casarea." The Editor writes that no such statement was made in his Journal. The paragraph which we inserted was taken from a contemporary.