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Daioni Wnaed Gan y Merched.


Notes from South Wales.



Notes from South Wales.


recorded as Welsh (save the mark !)—is com- mitted by the same class of men. In Swansea, a short time ago, a destitute Polish alien applied for outdoor relief, and the Glamorganshire ratepayers are supporting a number of alien lunatics at the asylums. It is all very well to talk about "free and open England," but this cry is liable to be carried too far. Aberystwyth Town Council. If the ratepayers of Aberystwyth were really aware of the damage that is being done to the reputation of their town owing to the recent disgraceful proceedings at the local Town Council, they would take steps to defeat the obstreperous section of councillors when the next elections take place. The vulgar display of personalities has disgusted hundreds of people interested in the welfare of the town, and the Town Council has now the unenviable reputation of being one of the noisiest public bodies in the British Isles. Welsh Holiday Resorts. There was a large influx ot visitors to the various Welsh holiday resorts at Eastertide; in fact, an old inhabitant of Aberystwyth informs me that it is many years since he remembers so many visitors in the town at Easter, as he has this present year. This is a good augury for a record summer season. There is no doubt that Aberystwyth is much better advertised at present than has been the case. The publication of local items from the town in the holiday column of a paper like the Daily Telegraph is a par- ticularly good advertisement, and the official illustrated souvenir has proved of greatusefulness. At Llandrindod, likewise, there was a large concourse of visitors, and, in this instance, also, a prosperous season can be looked for. I further learn that Barmouth and Aberdovey witnessed good influxes. A Great Welshman. A recent issue of the Daily Mirror contained an appreciative notice of Sir Alfred Jones, a native of Carmarthenshiie. The writer states that Sir Alfred is continuing his career as The Colossus of the West Indies." His latest achievement is to secure the contract to carry the West Indian Mails for his steamships, the Elder-Dempster Line. Every detail of his busi- ness is in his own hands. His Welsh collieries, from which comes the coal for his fleet, his oil mills, from which comes the oil for their machinery, and numberless other undertakings, are guided by him. As for work, he does as much every twenty-four hours as two ordinary men would do in two days A few years ago, Jamaica was on the brink of ruin, now she is a flourishing Colony, with his steamers regularly bringing her produce direct to England. By the way, Sir Alfred offered Mr. Evan Roberts a free holiday at Jamaica.