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Daioni Wnaed Gan y Merched.


Notes from South Wales.


Notes from South Wales. (From our Special Correspondent.) Worthy of Record. The present Mayor of Cardiff, Mr. R. Hughes, J.P., has now had the satisfaction of being presented with a pair of white gloves to com- memorate the fact that there were no cases for the magistrates to try, for' the third time, since he has occupied the civic chair. There is no doubt that the morals of the great Welsh port are improving. Still, there is an immense amount of work yet to be done in the same direction, as anyone who knows the place is aware. Quite True. v I notice that the Rev. Ben Evans, Pastor of Tabernacle Welsh Congregational Church, Barry Dock, in the course of a recent sermon, said, while he did not depreciate the desire on the part of persons to decorate the graves of departed friends with flowers, he strongly protested against the custom whereby people utilised the Sabbath to make a show of it, as many were doing on Palm Sunday. All sensible people will agree with the reverend gentleman. The Maid of Llangollen. It may not be generally known amongst the readers of the LONDON WELSHMAN, that the Maid of Llangollen," who inspired Charles Matthew's muse, was the mother of Mr. Frank Edwards, the genial M.P. for Radnorshire. I am reminded of the fact in recording the recent death of Miss Harriet Edwards, pro- prietress of the Hand Hotel at Llangollen, sister of Mr. Frank Edwards, and, therefore, daughter of the Maid of Llangollen." By the way, Miss Edwards, although an hotel pro- prietress, was President of the Women's Temperance League for many years. Horse Racing. Up to the present day, horse racing has not flourished to any great extent in Wales. True, there are a few small racing events in different parts of the Principality, but, the Welsh Derby, or the Welsh Lincoln, and Kempton Park, have still to be established. A desperate effort is being made, however, to establish big annual races at Ely, a suburban district of Cardiff, and amongst the attractions of the present Easter gathering was what was described as "The Welsh National Stakes of 500 sovs." The races are run in the interests of betting pure and simple. Fortunately, they have not been very successful up to now, and it is to be hoped that non-success will continue to dog the gatherings. The Aliens Bill. The Education Act of the Government is almost universally hated in Wales, and the policy of Protection will find very few supporters in our little nation but, there is no doubt that the Government's Alien Bill will be received with a great deal of approval by numbers of Liberals, in addition to Conservatives. In North and Mid Wales there are practically no aliens, but, in Glamorganshire, they are con- siderable, and are rapidly increasing. There can be no objection to the genuine foreign workman who comes over here, but it is about time that there should be restrictions put on the dumping of the lowest class of Polish, Russian, and German wastrels in South Wales. These are the men who do the sweating. In Cardiff, there are scores of these aliens who do tailoring and other work for a mere pittance, whilst a large percentage of the crime-officially



Notes from South Wales.