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Daioni Wnaed Gan y Merched.



CHURCHMEN AND THE SCHOOLS. Activity at Carnarvon. An influential section of Church people at Carnarvon are displaying a courageous spirit in Meeting the demands of the local education authority in respect to repairs to the Voluntary schools in the town. The requirements of the county authority involved an expenditure of about £ %oo. Last Monday, the day upon hich the final notice of the authority expired, Und the managers short of something like £600 to complete the work. That evening they to discuss the situation, when it appeared at Mr. Lloyd Carter had, in the course of a day or two, secured promises of close upon ^200 to meet the outlay. Testing the feeling of the supporters of the schools as to the fate ^hich threatened the schools, Mr. Carter found r- Lloyd VV. G. Hughes prepared with a sub- caption of £ 50, while Mr. Councillor Newton, an anonymous donor, and Mr. Carter himself Jj;Ch promised £ 25. Mr. Morgan Lloyd ^21, j^rs- Roberts (Maesinala) ^20, Mr. G. R, ^ees and other smaller sums. Lady urner and Mr. Charles A. Jones have also J^niised their assistance. Mrs. Watkin hams, the wife of the Bishop of Bangor, will t00rtly convene a meeting of Carnarvon ladies £ i (Lr^an^se a bazaar towards the schools, and the fro ^as Promised a substantial contribution str^ ^entral Diocesan Fund. On the t rength of these promises the managers decided to COlirnunicate to the local education authority m 11 thingness to comply with their require- not 'S aS earty as possible. The managers are abl'ln an^ Wa^ disposed to question the reason- less of the requirements.

Notes from South Wales.



Notes from South Wales.