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UNCLAIMED MONEY. ,I/ I r A Supplement to the LONDON GAZETTE" of FRIDAY, 3rd MARCH, 1905, is a List of Dormant Funds in the Court of Chancery. A Caution on the second page, reads:— "The Lists of Next=of=Kin,' 'Heirs to Unclaimed Money,' &c., issued by various persons are not official publications, and sometimes contain gross misstatements and exaggerations. The public are also cautioned against relying upon the statements of persons styling themselves 'unclaimed money agents,' and professing to be able to recover money in Chancery on payment of fees or percentage, or to act on behalf of the Court of Chancery. The Supreme Court of Judicature has no such agents. It is recommended that independent advice should be obtained before making a payment to any agency for informa= tion, searches, copies of advertisements, &c., in respect to money alleged to be in Court. Experience has shown that the information so supplied is often valueless to the persons concerned." Price, ONE SHILLING. I It may be obtained from Messrs. HARRISON and SONS, 45, St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C. C Printed and Published by HARRISON & SONS, at 45, St. Mart n's Lane, London. Wholesale City Agent—M. SOUTHWELL, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, E.C. Agents for Wales—MESSRS. W. H. AND SONS, and MESSRS. WM. DAWSON & SONS, LTD. Agents for the Colonies:—ROBT. A. THOMPSON & Co., LTD., Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (N.S.W.), Adelaide, (Qui emIsnd), Cape 'town (S.A.), Johannesburg and Buluwayo GORDON & GOTCH, Cape Town Durban (S.A.) Melbourne {Victoria), Brisbane (Queensland),'Sydney'N.S.W.), PFFT W.A.), Wei ington ar.d Christchurcb, N.Z.