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Oxford Notes.


Oxford Notes. THE Welsh Dinner on Wednesday, March ist, passed off very successfully, and the Patron Saint of Wales was duly honoured-at Oxford at any rate. After the King, the chief toast of the evening was Ein Iaith, Ein Gwlad, Ein Cenedl," and, if the way in which it was received is a test, Wales has a good number of strong patriots up at the University. This was proposed by the Welsh Chaplain of Jesus College. The most interesting toast, perhaps, was that proposed by Mr. G. A. Edwards- Rhiaint Cymru," and the evidence was con- vincing that the Welshmen present were some- thing besides patriots. Mr. E. Mason was the chief contributor to the musical programme. THE Edward Llwyd Society has held two meetings this term. Should Welsh be taught in Schools was discussed by the members on the first occasion, while on Thursday, March 2nd, Mr. Rhys John, of Lincoln, read his paper on The Ethnology of Modern Welshmen." THREE Jesus men were down last Wednesday to play for the 'Varsity Rugby Fifteen v. Devon- port Albion. Two of them, Messrs. M. E. Davies and S. H. Lockyer, are old Llandovery Boys. The latter played a great game for the University v. Blackheath the other day, and it is rather a pity that the responsible authorities have not given him more opportunities, as this is his last year at Oxford. FATHER BERNARD VAUGHAN, preaching on Sunday, referred to the Revival in Wales in terms of praise. He said that so long as such a movement brought the love of Christ to the people at large he welcomed it with open arms. Put in his own characteristic way, he thought the danger lay in religion being served too much in homoepathic doses." THE Principal of Mansfield is to be one of the lecturers at the School of Theology to be held this summer in South Wales. Dr. Fairbairn has also accepted a lectureship in the United States, where he will stay some time.


Am Gymry Llundain.