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ST. DAVID'S DAY. Celebration at Plymouth. The Welsh residents of the Three Towns celebrated St. David's Day with a social evening and concert at Risdon's Restaurant, George Street, Plymouth. The Rev. Maurice Jones, S.C.F., presided over a gathering of about seventy. The programme was entirely in Welsh, as were also almost the whole of the speeches. and songs. The toast of Cymru was proposed by the Chairman. He said that Wales possessed one characteristic in perhaps a greater degree than all other nations-the power filling every one of her children with the ardent and undying love towards herself and all that concerned her welfare. Wales was divided on the point of language, in politics, and in religion, but the love of Welshmen for Wales rose superior to all minor differences and divisions, and manifested itself in the unity with which Welshmen the world over joined in celebrating the feast of their patron saint. They rejoiced that Wales, had been able to manifest on the Empire's. battlefields, in the realms of literature, of art, of poetry, of music, of education, and even of commerce, that supremacy which she had demonstrated so unmistakably on the football field. In religion she was showing the world the marvellous spectacle of a nation on its knees, in deadly earnest on the great matters of life and death, shaken by a movement destined to produce great results in sobriety, morality, honesty, and all that made for righteousness in the life of a nation. In politics Wales had given the House of Commons one of its strongest and most prominent personalities. Differ politically though they might from Mr. Lloyd-George all Welshmen rejoiced in the high position he had attained, and looked with confidence to see him become a prominent factor in the government. of that great Empire. Votes of thanks were accorded the Chairman- and Secretary, and the proceedings concluded with the National Anthem, Hen Wlad fy Nhadau."


Enwogion CymreigG-XXIII. Mr.…