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Am y Diwygiad.





once they set it up. There was only one sound thing for the State to do—to make citizens and not little sectarians. Why were they fight- ing for this ? After all, the battle ground Might be in Barry. The Board of Education were selecting Barry. Why ? There was a great attempt, undoubtedly, to force a split between two sections of the Pro- gressive party, to the ruin of both. They were encouraging the Labour people by telling them how broad and high-minded they were, and how much above these little Nonconformists. Why ? Because they knew what the result would be. It was all grist to their mill to force a wedge between the two sections of the Progressive party. Then the seat would be lost, and they would have five years of Tory representation in South Glamorgan. They should not play that rather transparent game. Let them fight for this great principle without regard for religious creed or faith; for equality of treatment with regard to all public institutions—educational or otherwise. The standard bearers in Barry would not be alone in the fight. They would have the whole of the Progressive forces in Wales and the United Kingdom behind them. Only that day he saw some terrified at the notion that they would have to fight the Government, maybe, for two years. Why, the idea of any man with any principle being frightened at this Government! There should be no shirking in the hour of battle when fighting for the same principles on which their forefathers had fought and won centuries ago.