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The Children's Column.


The Children's Column. My DEAR NIECES AND NEPHEWS, By some accident or other I failed to get a romp with you last week. Did you miss it very much ? I can assure you that I did. But you and I must see to it that such a thing does not occur again. Now for the answers to the questions of February 4th, here they are i. Anfonwch GVMRO LLUNDAIN i mi yforu- illyfi yw y goreu yn yr ysgol. Yr wyf fi yn fwy na mrawd, ond efe yw yr hynaf. Mae hi yn dyfod adref. Y mae ganddynt hwy wyth buwch. Hwythau a'i canlynasant ef. 2. Dyfrdwy, Wyddgrug, Castell Dinas Bran, Ystradmeurig, Cors Fochno. 3. Aberystwyth, Llandudno, Rhyl, Llan- drindod, Barmouth, Colwyn Bay, and Aberavon. (The last two tie for the sixth place.) This has been a splendid competition. You are improving in every respect. Your spelling is much more correct, and the answers much more neatly written; and you are evidently gaining some knowledge of Welsh. Many of you took the sentences showing proper use of the pronouns from the Bible. Now, whilst I am very glad to find that my nieces and nephews know their Bible, I did expect sentences of your own composition. Some of you did com- pose sentences, and very pretty ones they are. Those given above have been taken from different answers. Arthur" asks me a very interesting and also a somewhat puzzling question, viz. "Is not the w a consonant when used before a vowel at the beginning of a word or syllable ? Well, some grammarians say that it is so, and also at the end of certain words of one syllable, such as marw, chwerw, &c. but it seems to me that it is much simpler to consider the w a vowel in every case. Anyhow, it cannot be a consonant invariably at the beginning of words or syllables. When accented as in such words as wy, it must be a vowel. Some of you write Cors Fachno. Why ? I always understood that it is called Cors Fochno in the district. Perhaps someone will give us the authority for either form. The prize goes this week to Brychan." This is your next task- i. Translate these phrases into English- Mi tarawodd fi i lawr. Mi darawodd y cloc ddeg. Mi darewais wrtho ar y y ffordd. Tharawodd y peth mohon- wyf fi. 2. Write short sentences each containing one of the following verbs-mae, oes, ydyw, sydd, aeth, lrydd. 3. Write down the six Welsh names of girls which you consider most pretty. Send your answers by Thursday, and address as usual to "Wncwl Huw," 45, St. Martin's Lane, W.C.