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Pobl a Phethau yn Nghymru.



Gohebiaethau. [Nid ydym mewn un modd yn gyfrifol am syniadau ein gwahanol ohebwyr.] ST. PAUL'S WELSH FESTIVAL. To the Editor of "THE LONDON WELSHMAN." SIR,- There is evidently much dissatisfaction among Welsh people as to the way the above Festival is now being carried on, and the reason is not far to seek. About two years ago a number of new members were introduced on the musical committee, mostly monoglot Englishmen, who in their turn, by their voting power, appointed English officials to take charge of the music; and by which arrangement a number of English singers were brought in to assist the choir, who of course could not read or understand the language. The result was, as stated by "Patriot," the Welsh people were held up to ridicule, by having to stand by, and listen to a service that was a failure, from every point of view-religious, national and artistic. The only redeeming feature of the whole thing was that the band well covered the mumblings and la-ings of the English singers, who, when they were not la-ing, were uninterested spectators. I trust if this Festival is to be continued, that a strong and representative Welsh Committee be formed, dis- sociated from any political clique, and officials appointed who are known among the Welsh, and who are in sym- pathy with their aims and aspirations. ( am 1:0.

Y Senedd.

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