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THE AMENITIES OF FOOTBALL. With reference to the letter of a Mr. Gray Stewart, alleging discreditable practices on the part of the Welsh team in the international match at Inverleith on Saturday, replies have been obtained from several men prominent in the world of football showing that the charges are utterly unfounded and unsportsmanlike. Mr. A. J. Gould thinks that a strange feature of the affair is that not a word was heard of the matter in Edinburgh. Surely if anything out of the ordinary had occurred the referee would have stopped it, and the matter would have been mentioned to the Welshmen, but not a word was said. On the other hand, the Welshmen suffered far more than the Scotsmen in the matter of injuries. Hodges and Harding were so badly knocked about that they will be out of the field for some weeks, and Teddy Morgan received an injury to his shoulder that will take some time to recover. Willie Llewellyn, the Welsh captain, said it was absurd. The Scottish team, so far as he knew, all declared it to be a hard and fairly- fought game, and the referee expressed a similar opinion. There was not a single sugges- tion or insinuation from anyone in Edinburgh, neither players nor officials. Mr. Walter Rees, the Secretary of the Welsh Rugby Union, said no one was more surprised than he was to see such an attack. He knew it was not the feeling of the Scottish people or of the Scottish team. Everyone congratulated them upon the spirit of the game, and said that the best team won. "It is the first I have heard of it," said Cecil Biggs, the Cardiff captain, to a representative. "The game was a pleasant one throughout, and the Scotsmen were delighted with it, not- withstanding-the fact that they happened to be on the losing side." Several Scotsmen have also expressed opinions denouncing Mr. Gray Stewart's charges, while the Warsonians and the University players who tour in Wales speak in high terms of their recep- tion there and the conduct of the Welsh players.