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Football. RUGBY. Wales v. Scotland. More than precedent (says the Morning Leader) was upset at Inverleith on Saturday. Several of those calculations" which can fairly be described as axioms of the game, and are usually regarded as reliable premises on which to base forecasts of "the chances," were rudely overturned. That Wales would sooner or later win at Edinburgh, precedent or no precedent, was inevitable; and although Satur- day's win was only by the narrow margin of one try, it was sufficient to demonstrate the superiority of combined as against individual efforts. A Brilliant Game. Competent critics pronounce the game to be one of the finest internationals ever played. The sides were well matched, and the suspicion that prevailed as to the soundness of the Welsh forwards proved to be unnecessary, for they held the Scotchmen very well throughout, but the latter played so well that the Welshmen were not allowed to indulge in so much open play as at Cardiff. As a display of football, however, it left the England game far behind, the opponents each being aware of the other's strong points, and framing their play accordingly. Wales Superior Behind. It was behind the scrummage, however, that the Welsh superiority became most pronounced. The two movements that yielded tries were admirably executed-were, in fact, characteristic Welsh tries, the outcome of that thorough understanding between the half-backs and three- quarters which has paved the way to more than one Welsh victory. And there were several other brilliant bursts which only failed to yield tries through the stout defence and deadly tackling of the Scottish backs, particularly that of the full-back, whose play was one of the features of the match. The Triple Crown? By defeating Scotland on Saturday, and thus gaining two consecutive victories, Wales has high hopes of again winning the triple crown. Ireland, of course, is as yet an unknown quantity, but the match against the Emerald Isle will be played at Swansea-no mean advantage. The Welsh team no doubt is a side admirably balanced, and of more than average excellence, even when judged by the Welsh standard. They should, therefore, on their form, win on March nth, and thus secure for themselves the unique honour of being the predominant partner in the Rugby world. The London Welsh. The provincial invasion of London last Saturday was perfectly successful. Devonport Albion, Leicester, and Northampton all came .and conquered. The Albion's victory over the Welsh, however, was the biggest success. The latter had to take the field without three of their best players, Morgan, Harding, and Williams (reserve forward) being away in Scot- land on behalf of Wales. The Western cracks had much the best of the play, crossing their opponents' line on no less than five occasions, while the Metropolitans gained their points by means of free kicks. A good crowd witnessed the match, and enthusiasm ran high. It is to be hoped that in future the London Welsh will arrange their fixture card so that their most important matches will fall on dates when their crack players are likely to be at the disposal of the club. On Wednesday the London Welsh- men journeyed to Oxford, and engaged in friendly combat with the University men. A hard, fast, though pleasant, game resulted in the Welshmen running out victors by 14 points to I o.