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Pobl a Phethau yn Nghymru.:



AMERICAN CONSULS FOR WALES. The following appeared in the Scranton Tribune for January 23rd Two West Scranton men are to be appointed to the American Consulships in Wales. There were two candidates for the post in Cardiff; which is the Metropolis of the Principality, and to which the greatest honour is attached. Mine Inspector Prytherch was the aspirant from Pennsylvania, and Edwin Griffiths, of Cleveland, was the choice of the Republicans from the Buckeye State. According to the traditions, the Cardiff Consulship has generally been given to Ohio, and it was presumed that this would be the case this year, and that Mr. Prytherch would, therefore, be appointed to Swansea, which is an adjoining town, but with a less population. It is now stated that the leaders have arrived at an agreement whereby Mr. Prytherch will be appointed to Cardiff, and Mr. Griffiths will go to Swansea, and that the arrangement is perfectably agreeable to both of the interested parties. It is interesting to note that Mr. Griffiths comes from West Scranton.' He is now a little over 30 years of age, and left Scranton about 10 years ago. At the time he left he was impressed with the superior advan- tages offered to a young man in the West, and left Scranton with a letter of recommendation from Judge Edwards to some friends in Cleve- land, and immediately secured a position with the Paragon Plaster Company, and afterwards went into the hardware business, in which he has been very successful. He was regarded as a young man of superior attainments while residing in this city, and his many friends here will rejoice to hear of his appointment.