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J. A. DUNN & CO., LiniTED. Tailors, Riding Habit and Breeches Makers, Ladies' Costumiers, Colonial Outfitters and Contractors. Militarg, Court, and Masonic Outfits complete. Liveries a specialite. 35 to 43, Newington Causeway, LONDON, S.E. WEST END BRANCH- 11, SPRING STREET, PADDINCTON, W. Telephones- Causeway, 3407 CENTRAL. Spring Street, 778 MAYFAIR. U 7* (( IN THE j] 13 -A BEAUTY AND SUCCESS IN LIFE. THE secrets and opportunities of success in life are within ourselves. Through want of knowledge of these facts golden opportunities have been flung away, and countless lives have been wrecked. To make life a success every individual should possess these four indispensable per- sonal qualities-sound judgment, strength of purpose, perseverance, and a prepossessing appearance. It is common knowledge that the first three can be acquired, but only within the last few years has the fact been established that facial beauty can also be attained. It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of this statement. What such a discovery means can be judged by a perusal of the vast and extraordinary collection ol letters in the possession of the David Macqueen Company, bearing testimony from all classes-men and women, of all ages, who through the stress of life or temporary loss of health, have had driven from their cheeks the glow of health and beauty clerks whose pale and wan faces were a detriment to their advancement in life business men who discovered that progress in commercial pursuits was retarded by facial disability; maidens who had vainly looked forward to secure a partner in life, only to discover the line in the old song, My face is my fortune," was, alas too true jaded shop assistants of both sexes, whose personal appearance is ever before the gaze of the crowded establishment. How did this discovery originate ? Some years ago, David Macqueen, recognising the fact that there was no known remedy for bad complexions except by using certain poisonous mineral drugs, endeavoured to discover a harmless element. This, after an exhaustive research, he found existing in several wholesome edible vegetable substances. The discovery was placed before the world in the form of the now famous Vegetine Pills. This specific is the only harmless and wholly beneficial antidote for all forms of skin blemishes, such as sallowness, pallor, spots, blotches, pimples, blackheads, and other disfigurements arising from impurities of the blood. One box will prove their power over the blood and complexion. The evidence as to the remarkable efficacy of the "Vegetine" Pills is too overwhelming for doubt. A few indiscriminate selections from the vast number of testimonials are here given. The originals can be seen at the office of the David Macqueen Company, any day between the hours of 10 and 6. TYSTIOLAETHAU. Miss F. Williams, Gorran, St. Austell, Cornwall, a ysgrifena: "Y mae yn bleser genyf eich hysbysu er pan gymerais eich pelenau fod fy ngwedd wedigwella yn fawr, a'u bod wedi profi o les dirfawr i mi. Byddwch cystal ac anfon blychaid arall, am ba rai yr wyf yn amgau 2s. gc." Ysgrifena Mr. E. Chard, Newport, Mon., fel y canlyn "Nid wyf eto wedi cymeryd yr oil o'r prawf-flwch a an- fonasoch i mi yr wyf eisoes wedi cael lies oddiwrthynt. Y mae fy ngwyneb yn llawer mwy clir nag o'r blaen, ac yr wyf yn bwriadu parhau i'w cymeryd." Mr. E. W. Jones, Bethesda, North Wales, a ysgrifena Yr wyf yn amgau archeb am 2S. 9c. am flychaid arall o'r Vegetine Pills.' Ar ol rhoddi prawf arnynt, yr wyf yn canfod fod fy nghroen yn gwella yn raddol, ond yn sicr." Miss N. Phillips, Abertawe, a ysgrifena: Byddwch cystal ac anfon blwch arall o'r pelenau rhyfeddol i mi. Y maent wedi, ac yn gwneud lies dirfawr i mi, yn enwedig mewn helpu y treuliad." Miss M. Jones, Caerdydd, a ysgrifena fely canlyn A fyddwch chwi mor garedig ac anfon box o'r Vegetine Pills i mi. Yr wyf yn canfod eu bod y feddyginiaeth oreu gefais tuagat fy ngwedd." Ysgrifena Mr. H. Jones, ysgolfeistr Cefais flwch o'ch pelenau yn mis Rhagfyr diweddaf, ac yr oedd rhai o'm cyfeillion yn meddwl mai newid awyr" a symudodd welwder fy ngwedd, ond yr wyf fi yn hollol gredu mai eich pelenau chwi a wnaeth y cyfnewidiad dymunol." Mr. Thos. Morris, Pontywain, Newport, a ddywed: Y mae yn dda genyf allu dwyn tystiolaeth i rinwedd eich" pelenau—y maent y goreu gefais erioed. Bu'm yn dyoddef am ddwy flynedd gyda anmhurdeb y gwaed." The David Macqueen "Vegetine" Pills are privately and securely packed and forwarded post free, at the following prices, to any part of the world:- is. lid. (Small size, 30 Pills). 2s. 9d. (3 times the 2 quantity). 4s. 6d. (6 times the quantity). Order Form. LONDON WELSHMAN. To the DAVID MACQUEEN CO., 12, Paternoster Row, London E.C. Please forward me a box of David Macqueen's Vegetine" Pills, for -which I enclose the sum of. Nal1ze Address.