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About the Revival.


About the Revival. REMARKABLE CONVERSIONS AT CARDIFF. Since the Revival broke out at Cardiff there have been several remarkable conversions, but none more so than some that took place on Sunday last in the Theatre Royal, where meet- ings were held in the afternoon and evening. As a result 2 2 converts were made, including a man who had been 15 years a local preacher on the Wesleyan plan, but for seven years had been living in sin. Drink was his greatest curse. So powerful was the hold it had upon him that his wife had to take him to his work and bring him back again at the close of the day, because unaided he was unable to pass the seven public-houses between his workshop and his home. So bad was he at one time that he broke his mother's heart, and she had been dead two years before he learned of her death. Still more remarkable was the conversion in the afternoon of the son of a Baptist minister. Dirty, ragged, his clothes stitched together with white cotton to prevent them falling to pieces; he made his way to the platform, where he sobbed in a heartrending manner. Afterwards he was taken to the Army home, given some tea, and another suit of clothes. So filthy and wretched were those taken from him that they had to be thrown into the canal. In the even- ing he appeared on the platform looking very comfortable and happy. He will not be allowed to drift, for he has given the address of his brother and his mother, who will be com- municated with. -Another case also calls for special mention. This was that of a ticket-of-leave man, who came out of prison only a week ago after serv- ing three years, and who has spent 12 years in prison altogether. He is well known in Cardiff as a desperate character. He is respectably connected, but on account of his life his relatives had refused to have anything to do with him. Other conversions there were re- markable in their way, but less noteworthy than the three cases named.




Ynghylch y Diwygiad.