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The Children's Column.


The Children's Column. My DEAR NIECES AND NEPHEWS, Such a large number of you have replied to the questions I gave you a fortnight ago that it has taken me a long time to go through your letters. But the more the merrier. Several new hands—I almost said new faces-appear in this bundle, and I want to give the owners of those hands a very warm welcome. We are all of us very pleased to see them, and we hope we shall have many romps together. Some of you seem to be in doubt as to the number of the counties in Wales. Some give the names of twelve, others the names of thirteen. Now, we Welsh people always claim thirteen, but English people only give us twelve they say "Wales and Monmouthshire if they want to refer to the thirteenth. But we do not yield up Mon- mouthshire whatever others may say about it, the old land of Gwent, and of Caerlleon, where King Arthur kept his Court; the country of Ifor Hael, and where Dafydd ap Gwilym spent his early years. Therefore, do not forget that there are thirteen counties in Wales. Many, if not the majority, of you have not remembered that the consonants c, A t, g, b, d, 11, m, r, change after the word sir. Sir Mon, Sir Morganwg, Sir Dinbych, &c., is wrong these should be written Sir Fon, Sir Forganwg, Sir Ddinbych, &c. One of you has mentioned h mute." There is no mute letter in Welsh at all. Every letter should be given its proper sound always. I know that in some parts of Wales the h is not sounded, but it is sounded when it should not. Always avoid such pronunciations as et for het, eivl for hewl, &c. These are the correct answers :— 1. Sir Fon, Sir Gaernarfon, Sir Dditzbyclt, Sir FJiint, Sir Feirionydd, Sir Drefald- w \>n, Sir Aberteifi, Sir Frycheiniog, Sir Faesyjed, Sir Benfro, Sir Gaerfyrddin, Sir Forganwg., Sir Fynwy. 2. "Y" is used before words beginning with a consonant. Yr is used before words beginning with a vowel or with a h. 3. Yr eos, y ceffyl, yr haul, y mae)1 ddafad lie yr oedd y llo. 4. Cewri, torfeydd, caerau, boreuau, diwr- nodau, ciniawau. Not one of you has answered every question correct. But the best is Dafydd Llewelyn Williams. Now for another task :— i. Find out when did "Llewelyn ein Llyw Olaf" and Owen Glyndwr" live, and what service each of them did to Wales. 2. Who were the following: Howell Harries, Daniel Rowlands, Peter Williams, and Thomas Charles? Give as many parti- culars of their life and work as you can. 3. Who are the great hymn writers of Wales ? Which are the most popular hymns these days in the chapels and churches you attend ? Send your answers by Thursday addressed as usual to WNCWL Huw," 45, St. Martin's Lane W.C.