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WELSH CLUB FOR LONDON. A very representative gathering assembled at the Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn, on Friday evening, January 13th, under the presidency of Sir John H. Puleston, for the purpose of taking the necessary steps to form a Welsh Club in London. They had come from the West and from the East, representing gentry and working men. the professional classes and tradesmen, clericals and Nonconformists. During the last few months a representative Provisional Committee of those interested had considered a scheme to be submitted to the meeting. The objects of this Club, they sug- gested, should be to provide (I) a centre for the Welsh community in London; (2) a place whereat the numerous London organisations con- nected with the Principality could establish head- quarters (3) accommodation for Welshmen visiting the Metropolis. The subscriptions ,should be two guineas for town members and one guinea for country members. It was assumed that at least 500 town and 200 country members could be secured. This would give an income of £ 1,265. On this basis, there- fore, it was proposed to take premises at a rent of ^5°° or ^600. This would entail an expenditure of ^1,200. The Club house should be situated in a central part of London, and should contain at least the following :-( I) A hall or room for meetings; (2) a dining-room (3) reading and writing-room (4) billiard room; (5) stewards and kitchen department; and (6) smoking room. The Chairman, in opening the proceedings, said he was always quite willing to lend himself in the cause of Wales. He felt they could get some one more active; certainly, no one more ready. He had tried many years ago to estab- lish a club in London. Surely, all Wales could unite on a proposal that would be satisfactory to all, one that should have no party and no creed. The scheme outlined in the report was not a fixed one, and was open to the fullest discussion; but he hoped they would decide on a Club house that would be in a locality and have an outward appearance creditable to Wales. He had received several letters favourable to the idea. On the motion of Mr. Hinds, seconded by Mr. Bowen Jones, it was unanimously agreed- That this meeting of London Welshmen resolve that it is advisable to establish a Welsh Club for London." Dr. D. L. Thomas proposed-" That we are of opinion that the annual subscription should not exceed £2 2S. for town and jQi is. for country members." A proposal to raise the subscription to three guineas brought up a representative of the working man, who warmly disapproved of the suggestion as it would exclude many Welsh- men. He had been in London many years, and, owing to the lack of a Welsh Club, had considerable difficulty in making the acquaint- ance of Welsh friends. Dr. Sydenham Jones explained how the present proposal for a Welsh Club had origin- ated in connection with the Pembrokeshire and Glamorganshire Clubs, and their desire to unite. He urged that they should establish something substantial and honourable to the Welsh nation. Mr. Bowen Jones and Mr. T. J. Evans very strongly urged the establishment of a thoroughly national Welsh Club to which the subscription should not be too high, which sentiments met with considerable approval. Two premises were mentioned as likely to be suitable-one in Margaret St., near Bond St. Tube Station the other in Sackville St. Eventually, on the motion of Mr. Hinds, seconded by Mr. T. J. Evans, it was unani- mously resolved that a Provisional Committee be appointed with the view of forming a limited company with a capital of not less than £ 5,000 to establish a Welsh Club. A large Committee was then nominated and approved of, Mr. Leason Thomas to act as convener. A hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman terminated the proceedings.