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About the Revival.


About the Revival. THE REVIVAL AND THE EISTEDDFOD. The following letter appeared in the South Wales Daily News for Monday, and no greater testimony to the exceptional influence of the Revival could be imagined :— May I ask you to favour me with a short space to bring before the public the serious position of the guarantors for the National Eisteddfod to be held next August at Mountain Ash ? It appears to me at present that there are no choirs, parties, &c., training anywhere for any kind of competitions, I may go further to state that even Mr. T. Glyndwr Richards has resigned his conductorship of the Eisteddfod Choir in Mountain Ash because he cannot get the singers to attend practices, therefore it has been abandoned for the time being. Indeed, it is no wonder, for who can sit down to the grinding practices of the dry bones of these oratorios after experiencing the ennobling and inspiring influence of the invisible reality of the prayer meetings, &c., in this great Revival ? It was high time to have such revival and influence to sweep away the influences of the Welsh National Derby races, as Mr. Ffranggon Davies calls the National Eisteddfod. The singing part of it had a great deal of demoralising effect by the amount of training of choirs and parties on the Sabbath day, which was absorbing the minds of the people in discussing about un- becoming contests, which marred greatly against the influence of Christianity. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the singers were some sort of Church members. Thank God, the Revival has changed the tone of it all. I would suggest rather than risk such a huge and costly affair to abandon it for a time. Let us not stand in the way of the Holy Spirit, as undoubtedly this Revival is going to last for a year or two. I pray God it will last for many years. Let all Christians, men and women, have clean hands and pure hearts, free from all worldly com- petitions, conflicts, and speculations, and con- secrate ourselves to the works of the Christian cause, and give all possible assistance to the missionary works in saving fallen humanity." In face of the above it will be interesting to know that on the evening of the very day on which it appeared a well-attended meeting of the Musical Committee of the Mountain Ash National Eisteddfod was held, when the report of the deputation appointed to see Mr. T. Glyndwr Richards, conductor of the Eisteddfod Choir, was received. The deputation reported that they had induced Mr. Richards to withdraw his resignation. Mr. Richards himself, who attended the Committee, said that the rehearsal on Sunday evening was one of the best yet held, there being over 100 choristers present. It was remarked that the oratorios which are being rehearsed include the Messiah" and Hymn of Praise," and one of the Committee said if those oratorios were not good enough to be sung on Sunday evening, Revival or no Revival, he did not understand what religion meant. It was also stated that practically all the ministers in the district had on Sunday evening announced the rehearsals, and urged members to attend, pointing out that nothing could be more in harmony with the spirit of the present Revival than the singing of such works as those named. It was also stated that the conductor had undertaken that nothing but sacred music shall be rehearsed on Sundays. Strong speeches were made expressing the opinion that the writer of the letter which appeared in the Soul" Wales Daily News on Monday making the suggestion that the Eistedd- fod should be postponed in view of the Revival, had written it without due consideration and without knowledge of the circumstances, as practically the whole of the pieces for the concerts, as well as the test pieces for the Eisteddfod, were of a religious character. The Secretary reported that several choirs were rehearsing for the Eisteddfod, including at least one English combination, as well as an American choir, and the question of abandoning the Eisteddfod had never been thought of. The whole of the orchestra had been engaged, and there was every prospect that the meeting would be one of the most successful yet held.


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