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IMPORTANT TO BUSINESS MEN AND HOUSEHOLDERS. KEEN BUSINESS MEN use Gas for Lighting. "Gas lighting by modern methods of high pressure incandescence, inverted burners, and so forth, threatens to outstrip electricity for general lighting purposes As a source of lighting power, gas is certainly cheaper than the electric light."—The Lancet, 26th November, 1904. KEEN BUSINESS MEN use Gas for Heating. GAS FIRES save labour (no coals to fetch, grates to clean, or fires to lay and keep in). Save furniture, carpets and curtains, because they make no dust. Save time, because they are always ready for instant use. Save money, because they need not be kept burning, as coal fires have to be, when not actually wanted. Save health, being invaluable in sick-rooms and a comfort in bedrooms. The Medical Profession recommend the use of Gas Fires. KEEN BUSINESS MEN use Gas for Cooking. GAS COOKING RANGES save labour, dirt and money. They are always ready for use, always give the heat required, keep kitchens cool and comfortable, and are economical. Meat cooked by gas loses less weight than when cooked in a coal range. KEEN BUSINESS MEN use Gas for Power. GAS ENGINES are superseding Steam Engines, because Gas Engines save boiler space, stokers' wages, coal dust and ashes, chimney shafting and smoke nuisance can be started or stopped at once, and so only use fuel when doing work use fuel proportionate to work done and give 10 Brake-Horse-power per hour for 6d., and so are cheaper than Electric Motors taking current at id. per unit. KEEN BUSINESS MEN. Who prefer to use electricity for any purpose, generate their own requirements of current by dynamos driven by gas engines, and thereby obtain current at 2d per unit or less, including all fuel, capital and maintenance costs. h Full particulars and estimates relating to the supply and installation of Incandescent Gas Lighting, Gas Heating Stoves, Gas Cookers or Gas Engines, will be promptly furnished to their consumers on application being made to THE GAS LIGHT & COKE COMPANY, Horseferry Road, Westminster, S.W. Money Saved is money Earned! P inted and Published by HARRISON & SONS, at 45, St. Martin's Lane, London. "holesale City Agent-M. SOUTHWELL, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, E.C. Agents for Wales-M ESSRS. W. H. SMITH AND SONS, and MESSRS. WM. DAWSON & SONS, LTD. Agents for the Colonies :-ROBT. A. THOMPSON & Co., LTD., Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (N.S.W.), Adelaide, Brisbane (Queensland), Cape Town (S.A.), Johannesburg and Buluwayo GORDON & GOTCH, Cape Town, Durban (S.A.) Melbourne (Victoria), Brisbane (Queensland), Sydney (N.S.W.), Perth 'W.A. 1 Wellington and Christchurch N.Z J »