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To BOOKBINDERS, PRINTERS, STATIONERS, Etc. For HIGH=CLASS DESIGNS, BLOCKS, DIES, TOOLS, Etc. Apply to KNIGHTS & COTTRELL, 6a, Tudor Street, London, E.C. COVER DESIGNS A SPECIALITY THE NAVAL POCKET BOOK, 1904. Edited by Sir W. LAIRD CLOWES. Containing a full list of Battleships, Ironclads, Gunboats, Cruisers, Torpedo Boats, a List of Dry Docks, and other valu- able information concerning all the Navies of the World. Ninth year of issue. Cloth, i6mo, 7s. 6d. net. THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY. By FRED. T. JANE. With 80 Illustrations. Its History from the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Royal 8vo, cloth, 400 pages, 21s. net. THE IMPERIAL RUSSIAN NAVY. By FRED. T. JANE. With 150 Illustrations from Sketches and Drawings by the Author, and from Photographs. Royal 8vo, cloth gilt, 730 pp., 25s. net. THE TORPEDO IN PEACE AND WAR. By FRED. T. JANE. With about 30 full-page and smaller Illustrations by the Author. Second Edition. Oblong folio, cloth gilt, 5s. net. THE EXPLORATION OF THIBET. The History and Particulars from 1623 to 1904. With Maps of Thibet and Plan of the Sacred City of Lhasa. By GRAHAM SANDBERG, B.A. Demy 8vo, cloth, 324 pages, IOS. 6d. net. THE HISTORY OF CHINA. By DEMETRIUS C. BOULGER, Author of "Chinese Gordon," etc. Illustrated with Portraits and Maps. 2 Vols. Demy 8vo, 24S. THE CONGO=STATE, Or the Growth of Civilisation in Central Africa. By DEMETRIUS BOUL- GER. With 60 Illustrations. Demy 8vo, cloth, 16s. ASTRONOMY WITHOUT A TELESCOPE. By E. WALTER MAUNDER, F.R.A.S. Fully illus- trated, with full-page Plates, Maps, and Charts. Demy 8vo, cloth, 300 pages, 5s. net. W. THACKER & CO., 2, Creed Lane, E.C. HOW TO ACQUIRE & STRENGTHEN WILL-POWER, BY PROF. R. J. EBBARD. 6/6 net. (Postage 4d.) HOW TO RESTORE Life= Giving Energy, BY PROF. R. J. EBBARD and F. W. VOGT. 5/= net. (Postage 4d.) SUB-CONSCIOUSNESS, BY R. DIMSDALE STOCKER. 3/6 net. (Postage 4d.) The Modern Medical Publishing Co. DEPT. W, 57/58, CHANCERY LANE, W.C. WHEELER, IDLE & Co., 17, PATERNOSTER ROW, E.O. Scripture Motto Cards-Keswick, Mildmay, and others. A large variety in new designs. Additional matter, to suit requirements, printed in at short notice at slight extra charge. Calendars- Keswick, Mildmay, Church, 2/6 Circling Year, 1/- Gospel Messengers, 1/ Beatitudes, 1/6 Friendship, 2/6; Peace be with you, 2/6; Emmanuel, God with us, 1/ Stray Leaves, 2/6 Fra Angelico, 1/6; He Careth for You, 2/- and many more carefully selected from the choicest productions of this season. Christmas, New Year, and Private Greeting Cards- Keswick, Mildmay, and thousands of others, forming a unique collection of beautiful printed and hand- painted cards at very moderate prices. Bibles; Devotional Books; Books for Presents and Prizes; Yearly Volumes for Old and Young Booklets; Tracts; Wall-Texts, framed and unframed. The Light of the World." The Last Supper." Two beautiful pictures in sepia, each in carved oak frame to stand or hang. Price 1/- net each postage for one, 3d. for two, 4d. "The Gleaners." "The Angelus." Art reproductions, in colours, of Millet's famous pictures, each in green reeded moulding, gold beading and i £ -in. mount, size 10 x 8 ins., 1/- each, postage for one, 4d. for two, 5d. JUST PUBLISHED. Beecher (Rev. H. W.). A Treasury of Illustration. Portrait. Cloth, 12/- net. Campbell (Rev. R. J.). Sermons to Young Men. Cloth, 3/6. Gordon (S. D.). Quiet Talks on Prayer. Cloth, 2/6 net. Gospels in Art (The). The Life of Christ, by Great Painters from Fra Angelico to Holman Hunt. Edited by W. S. Sparrow. Paper covers, 5/- net Art Linen, 7/6 net. Morgan (Rev. Campbell). Evangelism. Cloth 1/ ———— The Life of the Christian. Cloth, 1/6 net. Torrey (R. A.). The Gist of the Lessons. Cloth, 1/ ———— Talks to Men. Paper covers, 6d.; Cloth, 1/6. Tranter (J. E.). A Christian Endeavour. Forewords by Dr. Clifford and Rev. F. B. Meyer, 2d. post free, 3d. IAN MACLAREN says It is a delightful little book. Lists post free on application. Any Book in Print supplied without delay. DAVID NUTT, 57 59, LONG ACRE. Mr. Nutt will send his List of Publications and Importations for the Study of the Language, Literature, History and Folk Lore of the Celtic Peoples, Post Free for 1 penny stamp. Among Mr. Nutt's Celtic publications are MABINOGION (The). Mediaeval Welsh Romances. Trans lated by Lady CHARLOTTE GUEST. With Notes by ALFRED NUTT. Frontispiece, title-page, and cover by NORMAN AULT. i6mo. 1902. 360 pp. Cloth, top gilt, net, 2s. 6d. Mr. Nutt's edition is the only one which gives concise but accurate information about the origin, literary history, and significance of these tales, the masierpiece of mediaeval story-telling, and one of the finest collections of stories in the whole of literature. OWEN (Henry). Gerald the Welshman. A revised and enlarged edition. With Map of Mediaeval Wales, Pedigree of Gerald's connection with the Royal House of Wales, and Index of Place-names. Crown 8vo. 1904, vii, 207 pp. Cloth. Net, 3s._6d. A 'considerably amended re-issue of Dr. Owen's standard work on one of the most interesting and remarkable Welshmen inhistoiy. Y Cymmrodor says:—"Should be in every Welsh school library." Most daintily got up httle volumes. Admirable Christmas gifts to readers of a scholarly turn of mind. ARTHURIAN ROMANCES UNREPRESENTED IN MALORY. Minuscule 4to volumes. Printed on hand-made paper. Bound in special art linen, with design in three colours. Net Prices. I. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. A Middle- English romance retold in modern prose, with Intro- duction and Notes by JESSIE L. WESTON. With designs by M. M. CRAWFORD. Third Edition, 1903. 2S. II. Tristan and Iseult. Rendered into English from the German of Gottfried of Strassburg by JESSI" L. WESTON. With designs by CAROLINE WATTS. Two vols. 1899. 4S. III. Guingamor; Lanval; Tyolet; Le Bisclaveret. Four Lais rendered into English prose from the French of MARIE DE FRANCE and others by JESSIE L. WESTON. With designs by CAROLINE WATTS. 1900. 2S IV. Morien. Translated for the first time rom the original Dutch by JESSIE L. WESTON. With frontispiece and designed title-page by CAROLINE WATTS. 1901. 2s. V. Le Beaus Desconnus. Cliges. Two Old English Metrical Romances rendered into prose by JESSIE L. WESTON. With designs by CAROLINE M. WATTS. 1902. 2S. VI. Sir Gawain at the Grail Castle. Three Versions from the Conte del Graal, Diu Crone, and the Prose Lancelot. 1903. 2 s. C. H. SPURGEON'S SERMONS Nearly 3.000 different Sermons in Stock. Textual List Post Free on application. JUBILEE VOLUME, pubafed 7/- Post 3/6 at free PASSMORE & ALABASTBR, Paternoster Bldgs., London. 0 CARDIGAN « PRIORY L" IN THE OLDEN DAYS, By EMILY M. PRITCHARD (Oliuen Powys). With facsimile of early 17th Century Map of Cardiganshire, and Photogravures. W. HEINEMANN, London PRICE 10/- nett. EDITION DE LUXE, £ 1 nett. London, Edinburgh and Glasgow ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. An ANNUAL PREMIUM of R6 gives the following advantages. under Class I.:— £ 1,000 at Death or Permanent Total Disablement by Accident. JE2,000 at Death or Permanent Total Disablement by Accident to Train, Tramcar or Omnibus. :3 Y,500 for Permanent Partial Disablement by Accident. o £1,000 for Permanent Partial Disablement by Accident to Q. Train, Tramcar or Omnibus. W JE500 for Total and Irremediable Blindness or Permanent < General Paralysis, caused in either case by Disease. w JE30 Annuity for Permanent Total Disablement (other than g loss of limbs or sight.) a £ 60 Annuity for Permanent Total Disablement (other than z loss of limbs or sight) by accident to Train, Tramcar < or Omnibus. f- £6 Weekly during Temporary Total Disablement by ffi Accident. = 112 Weekly during Temporary Total Disablement by ü Accident to Train, Tramcar or Omnibus. Y,6 Weekly during Temporary Total Disablement caused by Typhoid, Typhus, or Scarlet Fevers, Diphtheria, Small Pox, Carbuncle, Measles, Appendicitis, Diabetes, og Erysipelas, Asiatic Cholera, Ptomaine Poisoning, æ Epilepsy, Apoplexy. Meningitis, Tetanus, Hydro- — phobia, Bubonic Plague, Pneumonia, Pleurisy. g £ 1 10/- Weekly during Temporary Partial Disablement by O Accident. zC3 Weekly during Temporary Partial Disablement by Accident to Train, Tramcar or Omnibus. The Weekly Compensation for Accidents is extended to Fifty-two weeks, but limited to Twenty-six weeks for Disease. Insurance against Accidents only at usual rates. Head Office:—INSURANCE BUILDINGS, 26 & 27, FARRINGDON STREET, LONDON, E.C THOS. NEILL, General Manager 9 Gns. AMERICAN ORGAN, Eleven stops, including two knee stops, and the beautiful solo stops, voix celeste and vox humana—two octave couplers-handsome high case-in use about four months -20 years' warranty-easy terms arranged-packing and carriage free both ways on approval-full price paid will be allowed within three years, if exchanged for higher class instrument. ID'-A-IjIMI-A-IIXr E Sz 00- (Established 120 years). 91, Finsbury Pavement, London, E.C. Open till 7; Saturdays 3. 15 Gns. DUCHESS MODEL PIANO, by D'ALMAINE & Co. (Est. 120 years). Solid Iron Frame, Upright Grand—full compass, full trichord, check repeater action, &c.—in handsomely carved case- 4 ft. in height-in use only six months- sent on approval-carriage free both ways to any part of United Kingdom—twenty years' warranty—easy terms arranged—full price paid will be allowed if exchanged for a higher class instrument within three years. ZD'L^IlsriE <&s CO. (Established 120 years). 91, Finsbury Pavement, London E.C. Open till 7 Saturdays 3,