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Jottings from Carmarthen.


Jottings from Carmarthen. Now that your excellent and admirably-got- up paper THE LONDON WELSHMAN — is obtainable at the local booksellers in this town, it is to be hoped that it will receive hearty support from all those who are interested in Welsh movements, not only in the Metropolis, but throughout Wales generally. THE many friends and admirers of the Rev. A. Fuller Mills in London and elsewhere will be gratified to learn that he is continuing to make slow progress towards recovery from the effects of the dreadful calamity which befel him in the railway accident near Loughor on the 3rd October last. Needless to say, his enforced absence from the public life of Carmarthen has been sadly felt, for he was looked upon by all as the Grand Old Man" of Carmarthen, always in the forefront of every movement that had for its object the uplifting of his fellow-men. While deeply deploring the causes which con- fine him to his residence, it will be a source of gratification for him to know that he has the deepest sympathy of his fellow-citizens in his affliction, and the sincere prayers of all that he may be speedily recovered to resume his duties once more. THE pulpit of the English Baptist Church (of which the Rev. A. Fuller Mills is pastor) was occupied last Sunday and the previous Sunday by Mr. W. King, student at Regent's Park College, who is at present spending his holidays in his native town. His discourses were greatly appreciated. Wre venture to predict that, given health and strength, there is a brilliant future before this young man. May his labours in the service of the Master be crowned with success. THE revival spirit is still fostered and pro- moted,in the '-ancient borough," thanks to the praiseworthy efforts put forth by the Revs. M. H. Jones (C.M.), Water Street Chapel; J. Creig- fryn Jones (Welsh Wesleyan), and W. W. Lewis, Zion, aided by well-known laymen. Never in the history of Carmarthen has there been such stirring scenes as those witnessed during the past few months. The churches are being galvanised into action, and members who here- tofore took but very meagre interest in the spiritual welfare of the inhabitants, are now fully alive to the sense of their responsibilities, and endeavour in some measure to atone for their past lethargy and indifference. Open-air meet- ings on the lines of the Salvation Army are a marked feature of this movement, and indica- tions point that they are productive of much good. Another commendable feature is the holding of unsectarian temperance meetings at the Town Hall on Saturday evenings. These meetings were first inaugurated a few months ago, and -the crowded attendances prove their utility and value. Monday being observed as New Year's Day, an open-air meeung was held in the afternoon in Nott Square, and a pro- cession was subsequently formed, when hun- dreds joined and marched to Lammas Street Schoolroom, where a revival service was held. The morning meeting at the same place was devoted to young people only.



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