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Hyn a'r LiaiL

Oddeutu'r Ddinasm



The Great Western and Metropolitan Dairies, LIMITED. HEAD OFFICE- 9, HARROW ROAD, PADDINGTON, LONDON. Depots— 169, WALMER ROAD, NOTTING HILL; !t2 and 42a, MARKET STREET, PADDINGTON 12, IRONGATE WHARF; G.W.R. PADDINGTON; L. & N.W.R. KILBURN and EUSTON Creamery- UTTOXETER. Analyst: Professor A. W. STOKES, F.I.C., F. This Company is in a position to supply Dairymen in any part of London with first-class dairiea and well oooled Milk in large or small quantities at reasonable prices. Wholesale Vans to all parts of London and Suburbs twice daily. FOR A SUPPLY OF GUARANTEED PURE MILK, APPLY AS ABOVE. Telephone-No. 229 PADDINGTON. Telegraphic Address, « Farmership, London." MR. HENRY MORGAN, SURGEON DENTIST, 10, TAVISTOCK PLACE, W.C Artificial Teeth from 5/- to 10/- Complete Sets (upper and lower) from JM TEETH EXTRACTED UNDER GAS AND ETHER SPRAY. OLD SETS OF TEETH REMODELLED NO CHARGE FOR CONSULTATION, I Siaredir Gymraeg os yn fwy dymunot. New Work by the Rev. H. Elvet Lewis. "Bythe River Chebar." (Some Applications of EzehieVs Visions). Christian Commonwealth: Almost every page bears distinct evidence of Mr. Lewis's literary skill and paetic temprament. There is nothing that is commonplace about either the thought or the style. Illuminating sen- tences, glowing with intuitional insig-ht, come upon the reader with a frequency and, often an unexpectedness which is most refreshing." LONDON: HODDER & STOUGHTON. 3/6. See Special Notice on Page 7.