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DINGER'S SUPERFINE I u I MANUFACTURERS. M?60. REDCUFF STREET. BRISTOL. I ■Co be obtained at the Shops of MR. J. NETTEN, CIGAR IMPORTER, KING'S CROSS MR, HENRY MORGAN, SURGEON DENTIST, 10, TAVISTOCK PLACE, W.C Artificial Teeth from 5/- to 10/- ,.complete Sets (upper and lower) from X4 TEETH EXTRACTED UNDER GAS AND ETHER SPRAY. OLD SETS OF TEETH REMODELLED NO CHARGE FOR CONSULTATION SiaredirGymraeg os yn fwy dymunol. I GRELLIER & SON, I I The Welsh ARE PREPARED TO H I m GIVE ESTIMATES I 1 Printers for || 1 SESSION CftRDS I I POSTERS I I TICKETS I I HANDBILLS I I PROGRAMMES and I BOOKS OF WORDS FOR THE COMING Concerts, Annual Meetings, Lectures, Eisteddfods, &c., &c. NEW DESIGNS and all the Latest Novelties. KELT OFFICE, 211, Gray's Inn Rd. zjfo W. C. The Great Western and Metropolitan Dairies, LIMITED. HEAD OFFICE- 9, HARROW ROAD, PADDINGTON, LONDON. y- Depots— "i 169, WALMER ROAD, NOTTING HILL; 12 and 42a, MARKET STREET, PADDINGTON 12, IRONGATE WHARF; JG.W.R. PADDINGTON; 0 L. & N.W.R. KILBURN and EUSTON) II Crea.mery- UTTOXETER. I i I Analyst; Professor A. W. STOKES, F.I.C., F. I This Company is in a position to supply Dairymen in any part of London with first-class dairies and well cooled Milk in large or small quantities at reasonable prices. Wholesale Vans to ail parts of London and Suburbs twice daily. FOR A SUPPLY OF GUARANTEED PURE MILK, APPLY AS ABOVE. Telephone-No. 229 PADDINGTON. Telegraphic Address, Farmership, London." HUGH DAYIES S COUGH MIXTURE I NO MORE Difficulty of Breathip.g. I NO MORB Sleepless Nights. ■ NO M<JRB Distressing Coughs. H DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COTTGHS I DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COLDS ffi DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for ASTHMA K DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for BRONCHITIS H DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for HOARSENESS ■ DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for INFLUENZA ■ DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for OOLDS H DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COUGHS ■ DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for SORE THROAT ■ DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE-Most Soothing H DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE warms the Chest K DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE dissolves the Phlegm B DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE-for SINGERS ■ DAVIE VS COUGH MIXTURE-for PUBLIC H DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE SPEAKERS | THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY. I 13id. and 2/9 Bottles. Sold Everywhere. I Sweeter than Honey. Children like it. r ffl London Agents- Mr. R. THOMAS, Chemist, Upper Baker Street. Mr. H. MORGAN, 91 34, Tavistook Place Mr. EDW. JONES 232, Kilburn Lane W THE LONDON KELT (CELT L L U NDAIN). RATES FOR TRADE ADVERTISEMENTS. Per Inch, in Column 2/8. „ Half Column 15/- „ Column 1{8fO „ Page 4/0/0 Per Insertion. Reduction, for a series of 13 or more insertions. Special Position by Arrangement. The' Principality' Note. 0 p C4 z i 00 P-4 ø t.Y o Z ø E-t W "è PT4 a> pq CD 0 E-t 04, The Principality Fountain Pen. A PERFECT PEN FOR ALL COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. Fitted with 14 ct. gold nib. SPECIAL OFFER 3/- Each To be obtained only of W. ISACKE, Wholesale and Retail Stationer, Printer Account Book Maker, 2", Edgware Rdlll/l W. SPECIALITY IN Milk Ledgers and Dairy Trade Account Books. —— Any Ruling supplied on Shortest Notice. SEND FOR ESTIMATES. GYMDEITHAS LLEN CYMRU. CYHOEDDIADAU Y GYM- DEITHAS. I. CAEOLAU R I C H A R D HUGHES ( Wedi gwerthu allan). II. HEN GERDDI GWLEID- YDDOL (1588-1660). III. HEN GANIADAU SEBCH o'r 15fed ganrif. IV. HANES GERDDI CYM- RAEG (cyfnod 1600-1650.) IIIIJf Ychydig gopiau ar law o'r cyfrolau prin uchod. Pris 3/6 y gyfrol. I'w cael oddiwrth J. BALLINGER, Llyfrgell Rad, Caerdydd. PROVINCIAL PAPERS IN LONDON. The LONDON KELT (and all Provincial Papers) is on sale every Friday morning art 9.30. Order of your Newsagent, or direct of W. H. EVERETT & Son, Ltd., Bells Build- ings, Salisbury Square, E.C. Established 1793. Full List free on application. Special Messengers despatched morning, mid-day, and erening, to all the leading parts of London.