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T. R. THOMAS & Co., DAIRY AGENTS & VALUERS, 143, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. (Near Somerset House). NORTH EAST. MILK.-Old established conern, retailing 64 gallons daily 4d., two Rounds, Cart and Pram, large Shop trade, extensive Premises, consisting of Shop and House, Cowsheds for 25 heads, stabling for 12 Horses, and other Outbuildings, net Rental £10, held on a. Lease, having a term of 16 years unexpired, splendid Inventory, 2 smart Welsh Cobs, 20 fine Cows. Price including Stock, Book Debts, and everything appertaining to the Business. £ 1,200. S.W. SUBURB. MILK.-This is a genuine concern that we can recommend. Retailing about 44 imperial gallons daily at 4d. per quart, good trade in Dairy Produce, Butter 160 tbs., Eggs 1400, and 300 new laid, 130 quarterns of Bread, 10 doz. syphons weekly, two* Pram Rounds. The premises consists of nicely fitted corner Shop, large House, Yard, Sheds, side Gates, and every convenience to carry on the business, Rent £55, 18 years lease. Price including valuable Inventory, Stock and Bjok debts, £650. HACKNEY. MILK.—A good paying little concern, very compact, any trial offered before paying deposit, doing a. genuine trade of 21 imperial gallons daily at 4d. per quart, one compact Pram Round, and taking from £18 to t20 weekly over the counter, pretty Shop, nice House, Rent £42, subletting £ J, 3 years' Agree- ment renewable. Only asking £24:0. KING'S CROSS. MILK.—Indoor trade. Taking from 935 to 210, weekly, all over the counter, smart corner Premises with fine House, Yard, Stabling, &c., Rent £60, subletting J335. Lease or Agreement will be granted. Price £175, a bargain. RECOMMENDED. MIDDLESEX. 16 Barns daily 4d., nice Shop, Rent- £33, Price £370, part can remain. TWICKENFIAN, 16 Barns 4d., Rent £.:10, only £ 320. DULWTGH, counter trade, elaborately fitted Shop, central market position, Rent £50, taking £40 weekly, genuine, £ 28). KING'S GROSS, indoors, taking from elS to £20, making £:28 per annum profit rentaL by letting, only £135. N., geauine and compact business, retailing 13 Barns daily at 4d. and taking £ 18 weekly indoors, one Round, pretty Shop, good. House, Yard, Stabling, &c., Rent J632, long Lease, £375. CLAPHAM JUNCTION, 6 Barns all 4d., and taking P,24 in the Shop. Price, inoluding Stock value about £30, £ 200. DALIER SYLW.—Dynmnwn ar bawb ag sydd yn. bwriadu gwerthu eu masnachoedd anfon y manylion ar unwaith, trwy fod genym luaws o brynwyr mewn. angen am leoedd cywir, bydd yn bleser genym hefyd. anfon rhestr o'r masnachoedd sydd genym ar werth, i brynwyr ag sydd yn anallucg i alw arnom yn ystod > yr oriau y mae y swyddfa yn agorad, aafoner affi danynt i'r swyddfa. Offices: 143, Strand, near Somerset House D. J. TRUSCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS, HOUSE, DAIRY AND FARM AGENTS, &c, 11, BOND COURT, WALBROOK. N60 Gallons daily at 4d., £ 14 Stxop, Price £ 550. • W., 42 gallons daily at 41., £ 14 Shop, £ 475, W.C., 44 gallons daily at 41., £ 15 Shop, £0)0. W- 60 gallons daily at 4d., £650. N., 36 gallons daily at 4d., £ 15 Shop, £ 350. Indoor EL4 weekly, £ 40. Ditto, £ 30 weekly, £135. Ditto gt2 weekly, £50. W., 28 gallons daily 4d., £30 Shop, £400. WILLIAM DAVIES, DAIRY & INSURANCE AGENT, 160, HIGH HiOLBORN, W.C- EXCELLENT Milk places just to hand. W.C., E 20 Barns at 4d., little less at 3d. to Shops, 2> Rounds, Saop £30, capable of doing £50, valuable Lease, Rent £ 40 net. Price £560, great bargain. N.W., 100 Barns weekly at 4d., less small at 3i., weekly takings together milk and goods, £ 40. Pries only P,350, great sacrifice, splendid ShOpi and Premises to boch, and in nuin roads. Sdcurd tb.93& quickly. WANTED. For a client good class Drapery Business from £H,OOO to £2,000, and Stock at valuatioa. Also require for clients, Milk Rounds), Indaoc Businesses wheu prompt personal attention will be given to all. Write toe particulars.

Oddeutu'r Ddinas.