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The Principalitu Note, 0 CD m œ o 'z.. CD 00 '"d Jo1 CD CD td 0 E-'q 04 The' Principality Fountain Pen. A PERFECT PEN FOR ALL COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. > v. > Fitted with 14 ct. gold nib. SPECIAL OFFER 3/- Each To be obtained only of W. ISACKE, Wholesale and Retail Stationer, Printer a Account Book Jflakep, 2'" Edgware Rd., W. SPECIALITY IN 1\1:ilk Ledgers and Dairy Trade Account Books. A.ny Ruling supplied on Shortest Notice. —— SEND FOR ESTIMATES. T. R. THOMAS & Co., DAIRY AGENTS & VALUERS, 143, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. (Near Somerset House). FULHAM. Retailing 50 Barns daily 4d. par qt., less 3 Barns in large quantities at 31, and taking £14 weekly in Dairy Produce, compict Rounds. nice Shop, and good House, 21 years' Lease at tha rental of £15 per annum. Price 21,300. NEAR CITY. Old-established conoern, same hands quarter of a century. Retailing 50 Birns daily 4d., less 2 to large customers at 3d., fine Butter and Egg trade, about 10 Barns sold daily over the counter, 3 compact Rounds, worked with Cart and 2 Prams, good Invent- ory, smart Cob, 25 good Cows, nice Premises, Rent P,50, long Lease. Only £ 1,600. NORTH CAMBERWELL. Retailing 20 Barns daily 41. per qt., less 8 qts. daily at 3d., and taking £25 weekly in Butter, Eggs, Bread, Minerals, &3., 2 compact Pram Rounds, nicelv-fitted Corner Shop, good House, Rent £34. Price £500 or offer. CITY. Old-established Conoern, retailing 16 Barns daily at 4d. per qt., less 4 Barns in large quantities at 3d. per qt., and taking £12 weekly in the Shop, 1 compact Pram Round, convenient Premises, Rent JB40, sub- letting £ 28, long Lease. £ 380. SOUTH LAMBETH. Retailing 11 Barns daily at 4d. par qt., and taking £10 weekly in Butter, Eggi, Bread, Minerals, &o., &c., Main Road position, nice Shop and good House, The outdoor trade is worked on 1 Pram Round, Rant £ 42, 10 years' Lease uaexpired. Price £ 450 or off ar. HIGHGATE. Retailing 12 Barns daily 4d., less 8 gts. daily 3d., and taking £10 weekly in tha Shop, 1 compact Pram Round, nice Premises, good position, Rent JE45, sub- letting J330. Price £ 375. LATEST TO HAND. S. W.,25 Bims4d. oa 2 Rounds, Shop £30, Rant JB35 £740. TOT FENHAM;, 4 Barns 4d., Pram, Churn, &c., Shop, £ 80. OROYDON, 16 Barns all 4d., £17 in Butter, Eggs, Cream, &c., magnificent Premises. Offers wanted. Do., 21 Barns 4d., 150 lbs. Butter, 900 Eggs weekly, Rent P,30, £ 480. EALING, 5 Barns 4d., total takings £22 weekly, £150. FULHAM 6 Barns 4d., Shop £16, Pram Round, z0160. CLAPHAM, Indoor trade, takings £27 weekly, £170. SURREY, 18 Barns 4d..69, in Dairy Produce. 2550. Offices: 143, Strand, near Somerset House The Great Western and Metropolitan Dairies, j LIMITED. HEAD OFFICE- 9, HARROW ROAD, PADDINGTON, LONDON. Depots— 169, WALMER ROAD, NOTTING HILL; 42 and 42a, MARKET STREET, PADDINGTON 12, IRONGATE WHARF; |G.W.R. PADDINGTON; L. & N.W.R. KILBURN and EUSTONI: Creamery- iK' {-J" UTTOXETER. O v)* Analyst: Professor A. W. STOKES, F.I.C., F. This Company is in a position to supply Dairymen in any part of London with first-class dairies and well cooled Milk in large or small quantities at reasonable prices. Wholesale Vans to all parts of London and Suburbs twice daily. FOR A SUPPLY OF GUARANTEED PURE MILK, APPLY AS ABOVE. Telephone—No. 229 PADDINGTON. Telegraphic Address, Farmership, London." MR. HENRY MORGAN, SURGEON DENTIST, 10, TAVISTOCK PLACE, W.C Artificial Teeth from 5/- to 10/- Complete Sets (upper and lower) from 4>4 TEETH EXTRACTED UNDER GAS AND ETHER SPRAY. OLD SETS OF TEETH REMODELLED NO CHARGE FOR CONSULTATION, t SiaredirCymraeg os yn fwy dymunol. Yn awr yn barod CERDDI "CERNGOCH" Sef Casgliad o Weithiau JOHN JENKINS (Penbrynmawr, Talsarn), YN CYNWYS Cerddi Natur, Cerddi Coffa, Cerddi CAru, Carddi Owrw, Cerddi Pendrws, a Manion, DAN OLYGIAETH AP CEREDIGION" A DAN JENKINS TANYSGRIFWYR YN UNIG. Argraffiad 2s. 60. (ymylon goreuredig). CYFROL HARDD, YN CYNWYS LLAWER 0 DDARLUNIAU, PRIS HANER CORON, » I'w gael yn SWYDDFA'R CELT, 211, GRAY'S INN ROAD, LLUNDAIN. — — FOR SALE. GOOD FARM near Llanon, Cardiganshire. Apply U personally to Mr. Evan Davies, 169, Barrett Road, Walworth, London. Mr. TOM MORGAN Gold Medallist National Eisteddfod of Wales Late Solo Cornet H.M. Coldstream Guards Band). CORNET SOLOIST FOR CONCERTS TRUMPET SOLOIST FOR ORATORIOS ADJUDICATOR FOR BAND AND INSTRUMENTAL COMPETITIONS. Address- 91a, SILVERTHORNE ROAD, CLAPHAM, S.W MISS JENNIE JONES, A.R.C.M., TEACHER OF PIANOFORTE, HARMONY, AND THEORY OF MUSIC. ALSO ACCOMPANIST FOR CONCERTS, EISTEDDFODAU, etc. ADDRESS- 168, NEW KENT ROAD, LONDON, 8.E.