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Oddeutu'r Ddlinas.



T. R. THOMAS & Co., DAIRY AGENTS & VALUERS, 143, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. (Near Somerset House). FULHAM. Retailing 50 Barns daily 4d. par qt., less 3 Barns in large quantities at 3d., and taking £14 weekly in Dairy Produce, compact Rounds, nice Shop, and good House, 21 years' Lease at the rental of P,15 per annum. Price £ 1,300. NEAR CITY. Old-established concern, same hands quarter of a century. Retailing 50 Barns daily 4d., less 2 to large customers at 3d., fine Batter and Egg trade, about; 10 Barns sold daily over the counter, 3 compact Rounds, worked with Cart and 2 Prams, good Invent- ory, smart Cob, 25 good Cows, nice Premises, Rent F,50, long Lease. Only £ 1,600. NORTH CAMBERWELL. Retailing 20 Barns daily 4d. per qt., less 8 qts. daily at 3d., and taking -22.5 weekly in Butter, Eggs, Bread, Minerals, &c., 2 compast Pram Rounds, nicaly-fittei Corner Shop, good House, Rent £34. Price £ 500 or offer. CITY. Old-established Concern, retailing 16 Barns daily at 4d. per qt., less 4 Barns in large quantities at 3d. per qt., and taking J612 weekly in the Shop, 1 compact Pram Round, convenient Premises, R3nt £10, sub- letting £ 28, long Lease. 2380. SOUTH LAMBETH. Retailing 11 Barns daily at 4d. par qt., and taking- £40 weekly in Butter, Egg*, Bread, Minerals, &c, &c., Main Road position, nice Shop and good House The outdoor trade is worked on 1 Pram Round, Rant £ 42, 10 years' Lease unexpired. Price J6450 or offar. HIGHGATE. Retailing 12 Barns daily 4d., less 8 qts. daily 31., and taking £10 weekly in the Shop, 1 compact Pram Round, nice Premises, good position, Rent j645, sub- letting £ 30. Price ze375. LATEST TO HAND. S.W.,26 Barns 4d. on 2 Rounds, Shop £30. Rent £ 35. £740. TOT rENHAM, 4 Barns 4d., Pram, Churn, &c., Shop, £80. CROYDON, 16 Barns all 43., £ 17 in Butter, Eggs, Cream, &c., magnificent Premises- Offers wanted. Do., 21 Barns 4t, 150 lbs. Butter. 900 Eggs weekly, Rent £30, £ 430. EALING-, 5 Barns 4d., total takings £22 weekly, £150. FULHAM^ 6 Barns 4d., Shop £16, Pram Round, £ 160. CLAPHAM, Indoor trade, takings E27 weekly, £170. SURREY, 18 Barns 4d. jB9, injDairy Produce. £ 550* Offices: 143, Strand, near Somerset House