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D. J. TRUSCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS, HOUSE, DAIRY AND FARM AGENTS, &c., 11, BOND COURT, WALBROOK. N18 Gallons daily at 4d, good Shop Trade, Price £ 225. W., 14 Gallons daily at 4d., £ 8 Shop Trade, £120. S.E., Indoor e26 weekly, guaranteed, £ 150. N., 60 Gallons daily at 4d., £15 Shop, £525. E., 32 Gallons daily 4d., £17 Shop, £325. W., 50 to 60 Gallons daily 4d., genuine trade, £800. 14 Gallons daily 4d., 9.15 Shop, £225. WILLIAM DAVIES, DAIRY & INSURANCE AGENT, 160, HIGH HOLBORN, W.C TREMENDOUS genuine bargains, W., 22 Barns at T 4d., little at 3d., large customers, 1 Round, Takings zC16, low Rent, pay your deposit at once, Price £475. S.W., 9 Barns at 4d., Takings £19, Price £195. Ditto, 8! Barns at 4d., Takings £8, Price £ 160. Indoor Provision, beautiful Shop and House, long Lease, Takings between £ 80 and £90, guarantee £80 in Butter and Eggs, £200 for quick sale. Another Shop with 8 Rooms, Rent zC30, Takings £ 35, guaranteed price for sale at once, £120, or close offer. All the above are the greatest bar- gains possibly. H. Willings & Co., Dairy Agents and Valuers, 125, FLEET STREET, LONDON, E.G. Telephone -150 HOLBORN. KENNINGTON. MILK.—Shop, House, 5 Rooms, Yard, &c., Rent low, 5 Barns daily at 4d., Takings altogether 99 10s. week. Price £ 75. Good chance for smart man. H. Willings & Co. PUTNEY, Near. MILK.-Select S.W. district, 161 Barns daily at 4d. 2 ijl on one Pram, Shop trade £ 16 week, good Premises, Rent 14s. weekly. Price zC450, offer. H. Willings & Co., above. HIGHBURY, N., Near. MILK.-40 Barns daily at 4d. on Pram Rounds, iYi good Shop and House, moderate Rent, good Butter and Egg trade, Customers average 1 quart. £950, offer. Willings & Co., above. Close CITY. MILK.—17 to 18 Barns daily at 4d., one Pram, ui Shop trade £15 week, Marbled and Tiled Shop, House, 5 Rooms, &c., only 60 customers. Price 1:400. Photo at office. H. Willings & Co., above. WEST END. MILK.—Well-fitted Shop, large House, 23 Barns ill daily at 4d. on 2 Prams, Butter, Eggs, &c., 218 week, Rent £85, subletting £74, Lease 16 years. Price £750, close offer, renuine. H. Willings & Co. Near in N.E. MILK.—10^ Barns daily at 4d. one Pram Shop £ 18 week, nice Shop and House, private door, back entrance, Rent low, part let, ready money trade. Price £250. Willings. INDOOR DAIRIES. MILK.— Plaistow, Takings £18 week and 21 Barns M daily 4d., £ 95. Canning Town, £ 28 2 to £30 week, £100. Stepney, C35 week and 5 Barns daily 4d., £250, offer, same hands years. Borough, P,40 week, and 81 Barns daily at 4d., P,325, offer. Strat- ford, £ 16 week, £80, offer. Call or write, H. Willings & Co., above. T. R. THOMAS & Co., DAIRY AGENTS & VALUERS, 143, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. (Near Somerset House). WEST SUBURB. 50 Barns daily at 4d per quart, less 5 at 3d in large quantities; pram rounds, 200 lbs of butter, 1200 eggs weekly; fine shop and house, rent £ 50; 15 years lease, £ 1500. WEST END. Retailing 35 Barns daily on three rounds, and taking upwards of £20 weekly over the counter, fine shop, good position, same hands 7 years price £ 870. VAUXHALL. 18 Barns daily4d, and taking J614 weekly in the shop, 2 compact pram rounds, rent J336, on lease, any tria offered; price, £ 420. EALING. 27 Barns daily 4d, 3 pram rounds, and doing a good trade in butter, eggs, bread, minerals, &c., nicely fitted corner shop, good house, yard, side gates and every accomodation, rent F,45, price £780. BATTERSEA. Old-established concern, retailing 26 Barns daily 4d. on two Rounds, and taking jE30 weekly in the Shop, good Shop and House, Rent £35, long Lease, £ 750. PECKHAM. Old established concern, retailing 18 Barns daily 4d, 6 cows, 2 cobs, fine inventory, splendid shop and house, yard, stabling, cowsheds, rent £50, subletting £26; valuable lease, £430. THE LATEST TO HAND. HOXTON indoor trade total takings £50, rent £65, 17 years lease, £180. STEPNEY genuine indoor trade, takings £ 34 weekly, rent zC40, subletting zC14, only £200. BORO 8 barns daily 4d, mostly over counter, total taking £40, only £325. HAMMER- SMITH 7 barns 4d, nice shop, rent JB40, only £ 105. KENNINGTON 9 barns 4d, net rental 9-s 6d per week, £ 150. ROTHERHITHE 20 barns, shop £16. rent £ 45, subletting £18, only £4.50. BATTEttSEA PARK 8 to 10 gallons daily 4d, and taking £10 to £ 12 weekly indoors, can be doubled, only £ 95. STRATFORD 16 barns 4d, most genuine, splendid shop and house, fine position, rent, rates and taxes all let off, £ 400. Offices: 143, Strand, near Somerset House