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T. R. THOMAS & Co.,

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T. R. THOMAS & Co., DAIRY AGENTS & VALUERS, 143, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. (Near Somerset House). Telegraphic Address—" OYMREIG, LONDON." SOUTH EAST. .50 Barns daily at 4d. per quart, taking feom £12 to £14 weekly in Dairy Produce, splendid corner premises, yard, stabling, &c., 19 years' lease. £ 1,500. NEAR CITY. 40 Barns daily 4d., less 6 to large customers at 3d., 3 compact rounds, total takings £ 60 weekly, fine premises. Rent £65. Recommended, £1,400. BRIGHTON. :30 Barns daily, nice trade in Butter, Eggs, Bread, &c. 3 pram rounds, nice shop and house rent £ 31. Large new estate developing in the immediate neighbourhood. Price £620. REGENT'S PARK. 32 Barns daily 4d., less 20 qts. 3d., 2 rounds, shop trade E10 weekly, nice shop, fitted with marble, electric light, &c., fine house, held on a lease, rent £65, subletting £39. £500. KENT. .20 Barns daily 4d., less 12 qts. 3d., 2 rounds, cart and pram, counter trade B15 weekly, nice premises, every convenience, rent £ 50, subletting £ 20. £ 480 HAMPSTEAD. 11 Barns daily at 4d. per quart, and taking £ 12 to £ 14 weekly in the shop, nice shop and good house, rent J333, same hands many years. Price C280. WEST. 10 Barns daily all at 4d. per quart, and taking from £18 to £20 weekly in dairy produce, 1 compact pram round, nice shop and good house, rent £40, 3 years' agreement, £270.




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