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EGLWYS Y BEDYDDWYR ELDON STREET, MOORFIELDS. DALIEK, SYLW. Bydd yr Eglwys uchod yn cyfarfod i addoli or SUL CYNTAF (6fed) YN GORPHENAF ymlaen yn yr Young Men's Christian Association 186, ALDERSGATE ST. (Yn ymyl y General Post Office). CYNHELIR CYFARFODYDD NEILLDUOL Y SUL CYNTAF, GORPH. 6fed, <xwasanaethir y boreu am 11 a'r J hwyr am 6.30 gan D R. MOEEIS, ABERYSTWYTH. Yn y prydnawn am 3, 0YFARF0DYRYSG0L8UL CADEIRYDD— D. Lloyd George, Ysw. A,S. DATGENIR GAN Miss GWENNIE WILLIAMS Miss M. J. DAVIES Mr. B. DAVIES Mr. W. J. EVANS Adroddir gan Miss GWEN PRICE Cyfeiles: Miss RICHARDS Anerchiadau gan Dr. MORRIS a'r Parch. R. ELLIS WILLIAMS PREPAID 4 WANTS. Every Advertisement must be accompanied with remittance in full. Initials count as one word, and names and address Charged for. Replies may be sent to the Office of this paper and will be duly forwarded to Advertiser. Remittances should be made by P. Order or Halfpenny Stamps. 12 words; Once 6d. Three times 1/- 20 it 7p Od. IP py 1/3 28 „ „ 1/- Pi 11 1/6 36 it 1/3 M st 1/9 44" IP 1/6 » 1 » 2/- Every additional 8 words 3d. YOUNG Woman wanted, to serve in a Dairy.- Y Apply Williams, 57, New North Road, N. A WELSH Home in King's Gross, London, for four Welshmen (musical preferred), (piano). Very moderate inclusive terms.—Apply by letter, "Cymraes," Kelt Office, 211, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. DAIRy.-Wanted a Young Woman to assist in Shop, and do little housework.—Apply, 348, Caledonian Road, N. DAIRy.-Young Person wanted for household D duties and assist in Shop generally; good refer- ence.-Apply Jones and Sons, 10, Cremorne Road, West Chelsea. BEDROOM for Two Gentlemen to Let near the B City in a respectable Welsh family. Terms moderate.—Apply, Dawi," Celt Office, 211, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. WANTED a Young Woman, from 25 to 30, to take charge of a Milk Shop.—Apply J. J., Kelt Office, 211, Gray's Inn Road, W.C.


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