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I EGLWYS Y BEDYDDWYR I ELDON STREET, MOORFIELDS. DALIER SYLW. Bydd yr Eglwys uchod yn cyfarfod i addoli o'r SUL CYNTAF (6fed) YN GORPHENAF ymlaen yn yr Young Men's Christian Association 186, ALDERSGATE ST. (Yn ymyl y General Post Office). CYNHELIR CYFARFODYDD 'I NEILLDUOL Y SUL CYNTAF, GORPH. 6fed. Ceir many lion yr wythnos nesaf. VISITORS TO ABERYSTWYTH SHOULD STAY AT THE GRANVILLE (PRIVATE HOTEL) NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH Spacious Rooms, Electric Light throughout. Terms Moderate. Proprietress-Miss A. JENKINS. THE DENTAL INSTITUTE, 168, UPPER STREET, ISLINGTON, (Corner of Barnsbury Street). Principal H. 0. HUGHES. HIGH-CLASS ARTIFICIAL TEETH AT STRICTLY MODERATE FEES. The mdst modern and scientific researches in English and American methods by skilled operator (late manager of one of the largest practices in London). CONSULTATIONS FREE. HOURS 10 TILL 8. And by Appointment. Dymuna Mr. HUGBES, y perchenog, roddi ar ddeall i'w gyd-genedl y bydd yn ofalus i arolygu yn bersonol bob gwaith a ymgymerir yn y He. Undeb Cjmdeitliasau Diijlliadol Cymreig Llnndain. TYMHOR 1902-03. Llywydd ERNEST RHYS, Ysw. Prydnawn yn y Wlad PLESERDAITH I PINNER Dydd Sadwrn, Gorphenaf 5ed, 1902. Trens o Orsaf Bcker Street am 2.40 a 3.17. TS yn y Cocoa-Tree Grounds am 4.30 Rhoddir gwahoddiad cynes i bawb, a chan y cymerir darlun o'r cwmni, hyderir y bydd y cynulliad yn deilwng o'r Cymdeithasau ac o'r Undeb. Tocynau y Rheilffordd (1/4) i'w cael yn y Booking Office, Gorsaf Baker Street. Tocynau Te (1/-) i'w cael gan Ysgrifenyddion y gwahanol Gymdeithas, neu gan Ysgrifenyddion yr Undeb- W. A. WILLINGTON, 4, Park Walk, Chelsea, S.W. R. GOMER JONES, 19, Acfold Road, Fulham, S.W. RINGER'S SUPERFINE All EdwardsRinger MANUFACTURERS, EN?60.REDCWF STREET, BRISTOL. To be obtained at the Shops of MR. J. NETTEN, CIGAR IMPORTER, KING'S CROSS PEDR ALAW, Mus. Bac. Beirniad Cerddorol ac Arweinydd Cymanfaoedd. CYFEIRIAD— "PENDENNIS," LOUGHTON, ESSEX. PREPAID WANTS. Every Advertisement must Be accompanied with remittance in full. Initials count as one word, and names ancJ, address Charged for. Replies may be sent to the Office of thi £ paper and will be duly forwarded tc Advertiser. Remittances should be made by P. Order oJ:" Halfpenny Stamps. 12 words; Once 6d. Three times Il- 20 „ „ 3d. „ „ 1/3" 28" „ t/- „ „ I/S" 36 „ 1/3 „ „ I/W 44 „ 1/6 „ „ 2/- Every additional 8 words 3d. DAIRy.-Young Person wanted for household D duties and assist in Shop generally; good refer- ence.—Apply Jones and Sons, 10, Cremorne Road? West Chelsea. BEDROOM for Two Gentlemen to Let near the, B City in a respectable Welsh family. Terms- moderate.-Apply, Dewi," Celt Office, 211, Gray'S' Inn Road, W.C. WANTED a Young Woman, from 25 to 30, to take- charge of a Milk Shop.—Apply J. J., Kelt Office, 211, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. DAIRy.-Young Lady seeks Situation; able tc 1) manage bianch highest references.—Apply 43 L., Kelt Office, 211, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. HI ILK.—Wanted, a Lad from 16 to 20, for easy ?4 Barrow Round, good references required; Welsh, preferred.-Apply Williams, Devonshire Dairy Bromley, Kent. GENERAL wanted, must be respectable, able to do G Plain Cooking, age 18 to 20.-Apply Mrs. Jones 88, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. YOUNG Lady (17) desires Situation in Dairy ?- Y experienced and used to quick trade.-Write tc M. J. 2, Kelt Office, 211, Gray's Inn Road, W.C. A LARGE Front Well-furnished Bed-sitting R001E to Let (West End).-42, J. A., Kelt Office, 21IJ Gray's Inn Road, W.C. DAVIBS, 20, MEADOW ROW, S.E. MILK—S.W. Business doing 54 gallons daily? nearly all 4d.; expenses low. £800. INDOOR-Grand neighbourhood, S.W.; takings zClS weekly; trial allowed. £ 110. S.E., main road, nice shop, low rent, takings £23 weekly. ZCIIO. S.E., busy part, rent only 7s. weekly r takings £ 1S weekly. £ 90. _r GRELLIER & SON Welsh Printers, 211, GRAY'S INN ROAD, W-C A Large Staff always ready fOr- all Classes of Work. Angraffwyd gan GRELLIER a'i FAB, a Chyhoeddwyd gan Gwmni'r Cyhoeddwyr Cymreig Llundain (Cyf), yn 211, Gray's Inn Road. Wholesale Agents-A. C. MUNTON, 9, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street. BARTLETT & Co., 10, Paternoster Square. EVERETT & Co., 3, Bell Buildings, Salisbury S<&