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DINGER'S SUPERFINE flEDWARDSRlNGER&C°L?,I| .1] MANUFACTURERsf If | N?60.REBCLIFFSTREET, LL l! BRISTOL. 11 To be obtained at the Shops of MR. J. NETTEN, CIGAR IMPORTER, KING'S CROSS iI HUGH DAYIES'S COUGH MIXTURE NO MORE Difficulty of Breathing. NO MORE Sleepless Nights. NO MORE Distressing Coughs. DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COUGHS DAVIES'S COUGH MiXTURE for COLDS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for ASTHMA DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for BRONCHITIS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for HOARSENESS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for INFLUENZA DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COLDS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for COUGHS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for SORE THROAT DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE—Most Soothing DAVIES'S COUGH MiXTURE warms the Chest DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE dissolves the Phlegm DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE-for SINGERS DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE—for PUBLIC DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE SPEAKERS THE GREAT WELSH REMEDY. 13Id. and 2j9 Bottles. Sold Everywhere. If Sweeter than Honey. Children like it. If 13Id. and 2j9 Bottles. Sold Everywhere. If Sweeter than Honey. Children like it. If London Agents- Mr. R. THOMAS, Chemist, Upper Baker Street. Mr. H. MORGAN, „ 34, Tavistock Plaoe Mr. EDW. JONES „ 232, Kilburn Lane.W. A TRIAL ONLY NEEDED. ALL Persons suffering with VARICOSE VEINS, BAD LEGS, and the like complaints should -Send for a bottle of "VAKICUKA" (Registered) THE NEVER-FAILING REMEDY. Full directions given with each Bottle. 'TO BE HAD ONL Y OF THE PROPRIETRESS- Mrs. M. THOMAS, Ardwick Villa, Builth Wells, AND L, 4, Creighton Road, Queen's Park, London, W. IN BOTTLES AT 2/3 each, or by Post, 2/9 Testimonials received from all parts of England find Wales. Great Western & Metropolitan Dairies. LIMITED. With which are amalgamated the Great Western Farm Dairies Company, Ltd. And the Metropolitan and Suburban Milk Supply Association, Limited. J. P. HODDINOTT") WILLIAM PRICE > Managing Directors. J. HOPKINS ) Head I Office— 9, Harrow Road, Paddington Branch Office- 169, WALMER jROAD, NOTTING HILL, and at G.W.R., PADDINGTON, L. & N.W.R., KILBURN and EUSTON; G.C.R., MARYLEBONE Aaalysb: Professor: A. W. SrOKBB, F.I.C., F.O. This Company is in a position to supply Dairymen in any part of London with first-class Dairies well- cooled Milk in large or small quantities at reasonable prices. Wholesale Vans to all Parts of London and Suburbs j twice daily. I For a SUPPLY of GUARANTEED PURE MILK apply as above. Telephone- No. 229 Paddington and No. 199 Paddington. Telegraphic Address—" Farmership, London." T. R. THOMAS & Co., DAIRY AGENTS & VALUERS, 143, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. (Near Somerset House). Telegraphic Address-" CYMREIG, LONDON." BRIXTON.—18 to 20 barns daily at 4d., good trade in Butter, Eggs, Bread, Minerals, &c., splendid shop and house, rent 960,16 years' lease, genuine. Price £700. FULHAM.—18 barns daily 4d, Butter, Eggs, Bread, &c., two compact pram rounds, nice shop and house, rent £ 45. £450. W.—37 barns daily 4d., counter trade £56 weekly, compact pram rounds, handsomely fitted shop and fine house, 16 years' lease, recom- mended price, £ 1,800. S.W.—25 barns daily all at 4d. per quart, one care round, taking £20 weekly in cream, butter, eggs, &c., pretty shop, marble, tiles, mirrors, &c., large house, fine dairy, yard stabling, &c. Open to offer. SEA SIDE RESORT. -19 barns daily, double in summer, nice trade in Dairy Produce, nice shop and house, rent £48, three years' agreement Price £300. W.-Indoor trade. Taking X14 weekly. Price £130. KENNINGTON.—15^ barns daily at 4d., less few quarts daily, 3d., nice trade in butter, eggs, braad, minerals, &c., good inventory. Price £350. BROMPTON.— III barns daily 4d., indoor trade 99 weekly, rent JE44, three years' agreement. Price £ 250. CITY.—21 barns daily at 4d. per quart, taking 918 weekly over the counter, niccly fitted double fronted shop, large commodious premises, price £ 650. BRIGHTON.—15 barns daily 4d., and four barns under price, one perambulator round, nice shop and house, rent £3-2. Price £ 400. HARROW.—18 barns daily 4d., taking 917 weekly in the shop, two compact rounds, cart and pram, 2 good cows, rent £40, price £380. BLACKFRIARS.—Old-established concern, 14 barns daily 4d., less few quarts 3d., counter trade from tiO to P,12 weekly, nice shop and house, every convenience, rent £37. i-rice j6320. E,—9 barns daily 4d., counter trade jE13 weekly, rent 15s. weekly. Price £160. S.W.—Indoor trade, takings from £18 to P,20 weekly, nicely fitted, shop, good house with yard stabling, &c. Price £110. THE DENTAL INSTITUTE, 168, UPPER STREET, ISLINGTON, (Corner of Barnsbury Street). Principal H. O. HUGHES. HIGH-CLASS ARTIFICIAL TEETH AT STRICTLY MODERATE FEES. The most modern and scientific researches in English and American methods by skilled operator (late manager of one of the largest practices in London). CONSULTATIONS FREE. HOURS 10 TILL 8. And by Appointment. Dymuna Mr. HUGHES, y perchenog, roddi ar ddeall i'w gyd-genedl y bydd yn ofalus i arolygu yn bersonol bob gwaith a ymgymerir yn y lie. The' Principality' Note. 0 00 p. b e: z t= I rig f 00 S" H 'Jq r.D. to!: '"1 Cz> ¡ pq (D ¿' P ttf 0 H To be obtained only of W. ISACKE, Milk Ledgers, and Round Books, Pass Book Lettered on side from 2s. 6d. per dozen. SEND FOR ESTIMATES. Wholesale and Retail Stationer, Printer & Account Book jflaker, 2tt, gdgware Rd., W. Y CARD I." PAPUR DIMAI WYTHNOSOL CYMREIG A GYHOEDDIR YN LLANBEDR. Cynwys holl newyddion lleol a fynont a Sir Aberteifi a gorllewinbarth Sir Gaerfyrddin. Eisiau Dosbarthwyr. Danfonwch ac y cyhoeddwr:— E. S. MORRIS, Newsagent, ^Lampeter. PEDR ALAW, Mus* Bac. Beirniad Cerddorol ac Arweinydd Cymanfaoedd. CVFfilRIAD « PENDENNIS," LOUGHTON" ESSEX.