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Market Reports.


Market Reports. LIVERPOOL, March 24th.—Wheat, prices fairly firm. Oats, demand less brisk. CREWE, March 23rd.—Cattle, supply rather small but plenty of buyers. Best beef, 6!d. 2 Per lb best mutton, 8td. per lb veal, 8fd. Per Ib: baconers, 7s. 3d. to 7s. 9d. per score. LEICESTER, March 21st.-Cattle, a good supply of home-bred bullocks and trade firm. Milch cows, 119 to JE21 per head best bullocks, £ 12 to £15; young stock, f5 to t8 Per head. Sheep, a brisker demand. Wheat, trade quiet. WREXHAM, March 23rd. — Cattle, a fair supply. Good milch cows, ranged from £ 16 to £ 18 per head, fat calves, 90s. per head "aconers, 6s. 6d. to 7s. 6d. per score. CARMARTHEN, March 21st.—Butter, a fair supply. Fresh butter, ls. to Is. 1td per lb 2 cask butter, lid. to Is. per lb eggs, 18 to 20 0r Is. Potatoes, 2s. 3d to 2s. 6d. per cwt. Cheese, 24s. to 28s. per cwt. RHUTHYN, March 23rd. — Fresh butter, Is. id. to Is. 2d. per lb cask butter, lOd. to to lid. per lb eggs, 18 to 20 for Is. CARDIFF (Roath), March 20th.—Cattle, a snaall supply and trade quiet. Pigs, quiet enaand. Sheep, dull trade. March 21st.—Wheat, trade rather slow. ats and beans at dearer prices. LONDON, March 23rd. Cattle, trade slow, a*?d supply less than March 16th. Sheep, an dem^d °* ^6r (luote^- a s*ow March 26th.—Cattle, supply very small and ra e quiet, Sheep, slow demand. Beef, 3s. lb S" ^6r Lamb, 5s. to os. 8d. per