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PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. Chief Office s Hothorn Bars, London. Summary of the Report presented at the forty-seventh Annual Meeting held on 5th JVtefch, 1896. ORDINARY BRANCH.—The number of Policies issued during the year was 61,450, assuring the sum of £6,285,260, and producing a New Annual Premium Income of £ 342,478. The Premiums received during the year were £2,304,013, being an increase of £226,057 over the year 1894. The Claims of the year amounted to £ 572,289- The number of Deaths was 4,479, and 218 Endowment Assurances matured. The number of Policies in force at the end of the year was 414,137. INDUSTRIAL BRANCH.-The Premiums received during the year were £4,352,625 being an increase of £ 108,401- The Claims of the year amounted to £ 1,797,688. The number of Deaths was 196,507, and 1,418 Endowment Assurances matured. The number of Free Policies granted during the year to those Policyholders of five years' standing, who desired to discontinue their payments was 59,352 the number in force being 448,816* The number of Free Policies which became Claims during the year was 8,956. The total number of Policies in force at the end of the year was 11,682,748 their average duration is nearly seven and three-quarter years. The Directors have made more than one attempt to deal with the difficult question of old age pensions for the Industrial classes, and they are happy to inform the Shareholders that the special tables combining assurance with a provision for old age, which they issued in September last, have met with considerable success. At the end of the year the number of policies in force under these tables as the result of three months' working was 169,791, pro- ducing an Annual Premium Income of £ 62,974- The Assets of the Company, in both branches, as shewn in the Balance Sheet, are £ 23,915,890, being an increase of £ 2,702,085 over those of 1894. General Balance Sheet of the Prudential Assurance Company, Limited, on the 31st December, 1895. LIABILITIES. £ s. d. ASSETS. £ s. d. Shareholders' Capital 800,000 0 0 British Government Securities ( £ 2,300,000 Consuls) 2,208,388 13 3 Ordinary Branch Funds 11,151,440 18 9 Railway and other Debentures and Debenture Stocks 2,071,153 0 3 Industrial Branch Fund L 11,866,744 17 1 Loans, County Council, Municipal, and other Rates 5,925,397 2 2 Claims under Life Policies admitted. 97,704 8 1 Freehold Ground Rents and Scotch Feu Duties 2,544,631 2 2 Mortgages 2,032,913 12 8 Metropolitan Consolidated Stock, and City of London Bonds 369,720 13 6 Bank of England Stock 174,020 10 0 freehold and Leasehold Property 1,244,036 11 11 Indian and Colonial Government Securities. 2,009,375 19 8 Foreign Government Securities 74,634 14 6 Reversions 235,415 11. Railway and other Shares 2,908,188 0 6 Loans on the Company's Policies 394,544 1 1 Rent Charges 123,284 8 2 Outstanding Premiums 425,125 2 3 Cash in hands of Superintendents and Agents' Balances 52,292 0 1 Outstanding Interest and Rents 205,579 18 10 Cash—On deposit, on current accounts, and in hand 417,189 1 10 £23,915,890 3 11 923,915,890 3 11 THOS. C. DEWEY, } Mn„„npr< EDGAR HORNE, Chairman. WILLIAM HUGHES, ) ^anagei6. HENRY HARBEN, ) n- W. J. LANCASTER, Secretary. THOMAS WHARRIE, j sectors. We have examined the Cash transactions, Receipts and Payments, affecting the accounts of the Assets and Investments for the year ended December 31st, 1895, and we find the same in good order and properly vouched. We have also examined the Deeds and Securities, Certificates, &c., representing the Assets and Investments set out in the above account, and we certify that they were in possession and safe custody as on December 31st, 1895. 19th February, 1896. DELOITTE, DEVER, GRIFFITHS & Co. Applications for Agencies or anyone desirous of effecting an Assurance should communicate with the Superintendents- EVAN JONES, 1, Holford St., Holford Square, W.C. G. H. HEAP, 1, Argyle Square, W.C.