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General Notes.


General Notes. The Post Office authorities gain yearly £ 4,000 by unclaimed money orders. It is said that over 2,000 tons of snails are eaten yearly in Paris. Italy exports yearly 48,000,000 dozen of eggs. —— Queen Victoria last year signed 50,000 documents. The United States can boast of the largest reservoir in the world. It is situate on the Missouri and covers an area of 429 square miles. —— The Pope of Rome and the Sultan of Tur- key are the only two potentates in Europe who never change their residences. The London and North Western Railway Company have on some of their corridor trains a dining accommodation for second and third- class passengers as well as for the first. Great dissatisfaction has recently been ex- pressed concerning the statue of the late John Bright by his son, who says that it is not at all like his father. Professor Rontgen, the discoverer of the new photography is a peculiar looking man. He has a very long face and wears also a lengthy beard. Buckland Churchyard, near Dover, has an old yew tree which is reckoned to be over I 1,000 years old.