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CHAPEL BUILDING IN WALES In a lecture lately delivered in the heart of London by a prominent Cymru Fyddite- complaint was made at the building of chapels for English services in Wales and thus adding considerably to the burdens of the voluntary system. It is a just complaint. An excellent thought arose out of an amusing article in a recent number of your useful journal on "A London Kelt in a fix." It was stated that the same organist was able to play at 4 services on Sunday; by the morning services being held at 9 and 11, and the evening ones at 5 and 7 at two churches 2 miles apart. Now would it not be possible to utilize the same building for two morning and two evening services ? thus doing away with the necessity of building additional chapels entirely Many years ago in Barmouth the service at the chapels was over in time for the people to go to church afterwards, and many went I Even now in Bangor, the service at Lon Pobty" C.M. Chapel is over in time for any one to go to the Cathedral service, where the singing of the choir is excellent as we learnt from your correspondent Mynorydd last year. Why cannot something similar be done in the same chapel? There would be less difficulty in get- ting preachers if the sums for building were not required. At present the getting of students &c. to take the services is a troublesome busi- ness, and often the deacons are not able to be certain of the preachers for the following Sunday. Services at the Cathedral of Bangor are held in both language-and also in some of the churches the same thing is done. As it is, the nonconformists cannot unite to support one English Church between them, oh no, they love each other so much, they must have a separate' church or chapel for each denomina- tion Even the Forward Movement, which was supposed to be at first unsectarian, is now becoming sectarian. When will common sense rule the members of a common faith ? Not yet-not yet.-GWYLIWR.


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