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THE LATE R. S. HUGHES' GRAVE WITHOUT A TOMBSTONE. To the Editor of the LONDON KELT. SIR,-I have just received a letter from a friend in North Wales, to the effect that poor R. S. Hughes' grave is without a tombstone only a small slate with the name R. S. Hughes on it, to denote the spot where he sleeps his last sleep. Surely this is not as it should be, and it would be a disgrace to us as a musical nation to let the matter rest without making an effort to get a worthy monument erected over the grave, and in memory of one of Cambria's greatest musical genuises. So musical friends, let us be up and doing. I understand that a Committee has been formed at Bethesda, and they would be glad of the co-operation of the LONDON KFLT in opening a public Subscription List, as I have no doubt there are many Lon- don friends of the departed that would be only too glad to send in their subscriptions. I remain, Yours truly, HERBERT EMLYN. 20, Lynton Rd., Brondesbury, N.W. 3rd March, 1896. The following Subs. are already to hand. Mr. William Hughes, St. Paul's Rd. 5/- „ Rowland Rees, Brondesbury 5/- „ Herbert Emlyn „ 10/-

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