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Correspondence. To the Editor of the LONDON KELT. THE NEW POET LAUREATE. I must really apologize to your correspon- dent G. for not replying before this to his strictures on my article on the above subject, but I have been hoping to go to the British Museum Library to read some of Mr. Austin's works, especially the one on Savonarola, which I might have utilized in my lecture had I known of its existence. Not having done this I feel it rather an awkward matter to reply. G.'s remarks I must say were a surprise, for I had no idea that Austin was such a prolific poet. With regard to this ignorance I am afraid I must put myself in the same category as Mr. Austin himself, for he said that the subject of Alfred the Great had never been treated before as a poem—whereas Martin Tupper author of Proverbial Phil- osophy had written one. Cottle had produced a poem consisting of twenty-four books, which poem ran to a fourth edition, ios. 6d. a copy. Thomson, author of The Seasons," had written a masque. Blackmore, a poem of twelve cantos or books. Fitchett, a poem of 44,324 lines, and F. T. Palgrave, Professor of Poetry at Ox- ford also has a poem on it. I must confess I did follow in the wake of the journals, but there were such a lot of them taking the same view that I acted on the strength of the old saying, What everybody says must be true." I have however seen the article in the Standard, which G. quotes, and read the poem Who would not die for England ? and also Stead's article on The Book of the Month in the Review of Reviews for February, and had I time could make quotations from it, superior to those G. has given Yet, I shall always feel a profound gratitude to Sir Lewis Morris for breathing into the old Greek myth- ology the spirit of our own time. I may have an opportunity of proving this either in the LON- DON KELT or elsewhere if I am permitted space for some remarks on the subject. Yours faithfully, MYNORYDD.


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