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HOW NOT TO PROMOTE TEMPERANCE. ADOPT THE GOTHENBURG SYSTEM. At the South Place Institute, last Saturday, the Grand Chief Templar of England (Mr. Joseph Malins) delivered an interesting lecture on the Gothenburg System. He pointed out that the con- sumption of spirits in Norway and Sweden, which amounted to forty-six litres per head, had been reduced in 1855 to ten litres per head. That was before the Gothenburg system was introduced. In 1855 one person in ten was committed for drunken- ness, and in 1865, before the system was introduced, the figures had been reduced to one in twenty-two. The Gothenburg system had been in operation for a generation, but the figures were still the same. The drunkenness in the town of Gothenburg was double as great, compared with the populaton, as it was in Liverpool, and notwithstanding- the supposed improvement, the system had not effected the high pitch of sobriety attained in England. Another fault of the system was, that the workers were told to go home to bed every night at 8 o'clock, but the well-to-do were able to drink spirits in the public house every night until twelve o'clock, England had nothing to learn from it, but to avoid it, and adopt the Local Option System.

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