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TAG African Imperialist, There is no Colonial statesman, whose name is used oftener at present, than Mr. Cecil Rhodes, of South Africa, and to whom are given such epithets as Csesar or Napoleon, indicating most forcibly the most extensive sway or influence he personally exerts in the rising and flourishing Colony, which owes its extraordinary development in recent years to the indomitable energy of the Cape Premier and his wisely selected colleagues. Some hostile critics go so far as to denounce Mr. Cecil Rhodes for his some- what high-handed manner wherein he successfully handles certain important affairs, but it must be remembered that the peculiar conditions of a com- plex country like South Africa are such as to require the indispensable services of a great and brilliant man like the fearless African Premier, who, in the sight of threatening disasters, can act with judicious precision at the spur of the moment, thus silencing many of his foes, who afterwards feel themselves compelled to come round to approve of the beneficial results of his excellent plans, being purely the natural outcome of the mind of a great ruler.

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