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*Qerier's Resignation,


*Qerier's Resignation, France, the home of all kinds of social and legis- lative experiments, has once more undergone a severe and trying ordeal, through the abrupt re- signation of President Casimir-Perier, who placed his country in a most dangerous position, by giving up his responsible work without sufficient warning. To his credit, it must be admitted, however, that he came forward against his will, to fill the presidential chair, at a critical time when his interesting country was threatened by the destructive and desperate aims of anarchism, whose upholders were highly elated over their recent success in assassinating President Carnot, his popular predecessor, and who were not sparing in their threatenings to anyone who would bravely succeed him. Some critics wish to affirm u ^er*er resigned on account of his unpopularity with that section of the Socialists, who have a sneak- ing sympathy with the Anarchists. Alas, the French hough a clever and capable race, suffer as a nation in consequence of their having no true religious ideal ln all their affairs public and private.

Motes from Wales.

T,he J^elt iehind the Qoiznter.