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D. R. Jones adjudicating. The chair was taken by Mr. Tysilian Jones who filled the post well. After the usual vote of thanks, Mr. D. L. Evans recited the following englyn to the chairman- Tysilian ddiddan ddiwyd-i arwain Y gwron a ddoniwyd, Ar y gwr ni ragorwyd, Ei gadarn air o'r gadair gwyd. R. H. CHARING CROSS RD. LITERARY SOCIETY. On Friday the 18th inst., an appreciative audience had assembled to hear Mr. R. Ffoulkes Griffiths, Barrister-at-law, deliver his lecture on "The latest uprisings of Welsh patriotism." The president, Rev. A. Roberts, took the chair. The lecturer commenced by taking a retrospective view of the history of the Welsh people. The aboli- tion of the Welsh law court had made a breach in the national life; and this again was increased by the isolation of the Welsh squires. The Noncon- formist movement,and the establishment of Sunday Schools, were the first means to awaken the poeple out of their apathy and rouse them to fight for their country and nationality, but they had not the necess- ary ring to fight their battles, until the church clergy, in their insistence on church rates provided them with one. He described the schools built by Anglican clergy as mere excuses to advance church rates. Very racy and very strong were his remarks on the tyranny of Welsh landlords. The struggles attending the School Board elections were also very graphically described. These things, he said, trained the people for future agitation, and to assert more fully their independence. The time had now come when the people insisted on putting the right man in the right place," irrespective of rank and station. The lecturer concluded by trusting that the County Councils for Wales will avail themselves of the opportunity of advancing the cause of Welsh patriotism and Welsh liberty. A pleasant and instructive meeting was terminated by the admirable rendering of Hen Wlad fy nhadau by M. Davies.-E. D, EVANS.




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