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General Notes.


General Notes. Mr. Balfour has undertaken to speak at Cardiff in 11) reply to the Premier's address there, but the date not fixed. L In Mr. Irving's cast for King- Arthur" at the Jceum two Welsh artistes are included, namely a ISS Annie Hughes and Miss Katie Thomas. For play so essentially Welsh the proportion is small. One of the most pleasant features respecting the jLea.t Political meeting just held at Cardiff is the ^atlfying proof of the increased developement of jr desirable spirit of unity amongst the Cymry. respective of party or creed, the people of Cardiff st have felt themselves somewhat elated upon living- the congratulations of the Prime Minister pon the enormous increase of the Welsh Metropolis Urin2 the last 26 years. TVi Publ ^as keen a growing tendency among our f0re-lc men °f late, after paying a short visit to any 'i jml^n country to give elaborate addresses of their merPressions and discoveries." These as a rule are up t extracts from any of the popular guides, spiced vari^eet taste the audience, and are in- v dull, incorrect, and libellious. ow; ears ago, we used to have such men visiting our Own ountry, and seldom if ever they were able to give anything like a fair account of the people and their doings. Now that we are beginning to be known, the field of enterprise has been extended to America, and the" impressions of Messrs. Benn and Burns recently given to London audiences indicate too clearly an attempt to know everything without learning anything. Mr. Michael Davitt gives a timely lesson to these people to look around them for jobbery before con- demning a whole race at the expense of a few black sheep and tersely ends his note with the following humourous lines of Hosea Biglow "— Of all the sarse that I can call to mind, England does make the most onpleasant kind. It's you're the sinner oilers, she's the saint; What's good's all English, all that isn't, ain't. # # She is all that's honest, honnable, and fair, And when the Vartoos died they made her heir. Mr. S. W. Williams, F.S.A., Rhayader, is at present busily engaged in preparing the scheme for future excavations at Abbey Cwm Hir, with a view of definitely ascertaining whether the headless trunk of Prince Llewelyn is buried there, and will read a paper before the Cymmrodorion upon this subject in April next. Roman Catholic Church in Wales.- The Con- gregation of the Propaganda have been lately ex- amining a plan for establishing an Apostolic perfec- ture in Wales. Most of the cardinals are favourable to the idea, and it is approved by Cardinal Vaughan. It is understood that the matter will be decided at the next meeting of the Propaganda.

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