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WILTON SQUARE. The Literary and Musical Society, in connection with the above place of worship, resumed its meet- ings on Tuesday evening, when the pastor, the Rev. J. Elias Hughes, delivered the last of a series of lectures describing his tour round the world. Mr. 0 Hughes gave a very vivid and highly interesting account of his experiences from Hong Kong to London in that graceful manner which delights and captivates all who are under the spell of so proficient a lecturer. Mr. Hughes related an incident that occurred in Singapore which deserves chronicling. During my stay at Singapore said the lecturer, I went to see the Botanical Gardens, which are considered to be the finest in the world. I was in the tram, and making enquiries about the locality of the gardens, when one of my fellow- passengers offered to conduct me thither. He was a Chinese gentleman, dressed in the usual habili- ments of a celestial, yet appeared to be a person of some standing in the locality. Fortunately he was able to converse fairly well in English, and my im- pression was confirmed when he told me that he was a dealer in corn and similar produce. As far as I was able to gather, he had been contracting 0 for that part of the army, quartered at Singapore, but had lately been ousted by an Englishman, and he entreated me to lay the matter before the British Parliament, He evidently regarded me as having a great deal of power in my own country. You may be a Member of Parliament," said he, I may be," I replied, and he was satisfied. After visiting the gardens he insisted upon taking me to his house, which was rather a large building, a little outside the town. We had tea in a kind of reception room, and my host asked to be excused for a little time. He soon re-appeared in European attire, his pig-tail artfully coiled up at the back of ms head. "Have you a wife?" I asked him. Oh yes," he replied—" Several." I tried to con- ceal my astonishment, and I begged of him to honour me with an introduction. This he did most willingly, and I shook hands with each of ..m in turn. When we were coming away in the Jviriksha, my host said he was very anxious to have an European wife. Can you tell me," he asked in all seriousness, whether I can have an uropean wife for FIFTY POUNDS ? I pointed out ^iat he already had one very nice lady as a wife, es "—he replied, but you see he don't now anything."—H. R. P. BATTERSEA. fesX" mhlith y Cymry a etholwyd i wasanaethu ar y Dav"1 yn y hwn, ceir enw Mr. William vr ^ae ^r* ^avies yn un o ddiaconiaid llanw* ^nnihynol yn Radnor St., ac hefyd yn swydd 0 drysorydd, oddi ar farwolaeth y ar ^r- Edwards. Etholwyd ef yn gadeirydd y festri am y flwyddyn ddyfodol, ac yn rhinwedd y swydd hono, cymerodd ei lw fel ustus heddwch, yr wythnos o'r blaen. Da genym allu dyweyd mai parhau i fyned yn mlaen mae yr Ysgol Sabbothol a sefydlwyd rhyw ddwy flynedd yn ol, yn Latchmere School, Battersea Park Rd. Ofnwn nad oes ond ychydig o Gymry yr ardal yn gwybod am ei bodolaeth, a da fyddai pe trefnid ymwelwyr o eglwys Radnor St. i'n cynnorth- wyo i'w gwneyd yn hysbys i bob preswylydd Cymreig yn y cylch. Gresyn fyddai iddi golli y tir y mae wedi enill mor anrhydeddus yn y gwaith da hwn.- E. OWEN.

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