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St. %enefs toozsh Qhurclx.


St. %enefs toozsh Qhurclx. ANNUAL SOIREE. The Annual Soiree in connection with the above church was held at the Aldergate Schools on New Year's Eve. The proceedings were announced to start at 7 o'clock, but it was nearly an hour late when the curtain went up-or rather was drawn aside-for the first of the two dramatic sketches which were to be played, according to advertisement, by a powerful company. The first sketch proved to be the farce, beloved of amateurs Chiselling," though there was no information on this point in the way of a pro- gramme it is therefore impossible to give details of the performance beyond stating the fact that the part of the "Venerable Trotter was played very creditably by the gentleman cast for the part. An interval followed during which refreshments were served. Then came the second sketch, which turned out to be the ancient farce Cherry Bounce." This proved to be somewhat uninteresting that the audi- ence, which was mainly composed of young people, fell to amusing itself as well as it could. It was almost impossible to hear a word of the dialogue, and when the curtain fell there was a general shout which could in no wise be considered compli- mentary.-H. R. P.

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