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Ladies should use only the GLENFIELD STARCH, which never fails to give the most complete satisfaction. The GLENFIELD STARCH is exclusively used in the Royal Laundry, and her Majesty's Laundress pronounces it to be the finest starch she ever used. Prize Medals were awarded for its superiority, and the manufacturers have milch pleasure in stating that they have been appointed Starch purveyors to the Princesses of Wales. The GLEN- FIELD STARCH is sold in packets only, by all Grocers, Chandlers, &c., &c. FJOLLOWAV'S OINTMENT AND I'lLM.-BAD LEGS.— When irorn injury, feeble circulation, foul blood, or neglected chill, inflammation, succeeded by ulceration has attacked the lower limbs, the sufferer may turn for a cure, without fear of disappointment, to Holloway's celebrated Ointment, whose fame for such disorders has resounded throughout the habitable globe, and tesii monials in all languages have been received universally praising this celebrated Ointment. In all old cates Holloway's Pills should be taken while his ungoert. jg user1; both together are most effective, and the ctre is accomplished painlessly and readily. Under their joint curative influence the worst wounds or ulcers assume a more healthy character, and shortly begia to fill up or contract aad aoaudty heal.