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VISITORS TO HAVERFORDWEST, AND OTHERS WHO WiSH TO EXPEND THEIR MONEY TO THE BEST ADVANTAGE ARE RESPECTFULLY INVITED TO CALL AT P. P. ELL I S' S G ROC E R Y E S TAB LI S H M E NT, HIGH-STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, WHERE they can select goods of choice quality, at suitable prices to meet their requirements. The Teas and Coffees now on sale are unusually good. Reduced Prices charged on quantities. Orders by letter have particular attention PLEASE OBSERVE-LOWER. DOOR FOR RETAIL DEPARTMENT. MR. EDWARD RIBBON, PIANO-EORTE, VIOLIN, 4.ND VIOLONCELLO TEACHER, PIANO-FORTES TUNED, ORGANS and HARMONIUMS tuned and repaired by ex- perienced workmen. RESIDENCE—6, MERLIN'S TERRACE, HAVERFORDWEST jgROWNand POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, FOR Children's Diet. R ROWN and POLSON'S CORN FLOUR FOR All the uses to which the best Arrowroot is applicable. ROWN and POLSON'S CORN FLOUR BOILED WITH MILK, FOR BREAKFAST. BROWN and POLSON'S CORN FLOUR. BOILED WITH MILK, FOR SUPPER. B ROWN and POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, -D TO THICKEN S b U P S. J^ROWNand POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, TO THICKEN SAUCE. DROWN and POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, D TO THICKEN BEEF TEA gROWNani POLSON'S CORN FLOUR,) FOR BLANCMANGE. DROWN and POLSON'S CORN FLOUR, CAUTrON-To obtain extra profit by the sale, other qualities are sometimes audaciously substituted instead of BROWN and POLSON'S. O VOT^S^OF HEALTH. HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. rIM?E grand secret of attaining happiness is to seeui^ X good health, without which life is stripped of all its pleasures. The first irregularity of any function should be checked and set right by an appropriate dose of these fine purifying Pills, which strengthen the system by thoroughly cleansing the blood from all impurities. They balance disordered actiqu, remove the cause of disturbance, and restore its normal and natural power to every organ, without inconvenience, pain, or any other drawback. Dcterminatkn of Blood to the Head. This is generally occasioned by some irregularity 01 the stomach and bowels, which if not quickly attended to, frequently terminates fatally. A few doges of these famous Pills never fail to give tone to the stomach, regu- larity to the secretions, and purity to the fluids. Vertigo, dimness of sight, and other indications of approaching apoplexy, are entirely dissipated by a course of this admirable laefiicine. Scrofula and- all Srcin Diseases. For all diseases, however inveterate, there medi- cines are a sovereign remedy. While the Pills act upon the blood., which they purify, the Ointment passes through the pores of the S'kin, and cleanses bvery struc- ture., as water saturates tbe-slail, or as salt penetrates meat, The whole physical machinery is thus rendered healthy. regular, and vigorous. Coughs, CoMsj and Asthmas. No medicine will etire colds of long duration, or such as are "Settled upon the -chest so quickly as these famous Pills. Even in cases where the first stage of asthma has appeared, these Pills may be relied onasacertainand never-failing remedy, particularly if the ointment he simultaneously well rubbed into the chest and throat night-and morning. Imitgest.wn. Bilious Headache. These complaints are sometimes considered trifling, but it sfaould be borne in mind that, by inattention ami neg- lect, they often end most seriously. Givepirl)- ttionght toe deranged stomach, take Holioway's Pills, tub his celebrated Ointment over the pit of the stomach-,«nd you will shortly perceive a change for the better in your digestion, spirits, appetite, strength, and energy. The mprovement, though it may be gradual, will be and flasting. ° RolUway'>s Fills arethe best remedy known. frnlowing diseases Ague I Dropsy I Liver com- I Kcaoulbureyx Astbsia Dysentery plaints Tumours Bilious com- Erysipelas Lumbago Ulcers plarats Femaleirregu- f Piles i VenCreateflrec Blotcfess on larities Rheumatism tions the-skin Fevers of all Retention of Wornis'of al Bowel com- kinds urine ldnfts plaints Fits Scrofula, or Weakness, « Ci« *« r S „ King's Evil from what- Constlpationof Head-acke Sore throat* ever cause the bewels ) Indigestion Stone & Gravel &c. Consumption [ Inflammation Secondary Debility I Jaundice symptom R Sold, at the Establishment of PK'CSFESSO R HOLLCWAY, 244 Strand (itear Temple Bar,) London, also by all respectable Druggists and Dealercin Medicines throu ffteoutthe civilised world at the following prices:—is IfLd, 2s »a,4s-6d, Is 22s *nd 33s each box. %*ThereisaconsiflerabIesavingbytakinj r«b01arge lizes ™.B.— Directionsfor the suidane eofpatients 1 en e ven \W,r a, are affixed to each Box. N.B.H°ll°way's Pills and Ointment can be b .itl.'Of all md Druggists, with Welsh Directions without ;«stra ^en™e -WILLIAM H. BAMKIN, TEACHER OF AAVIGATION AND NAUTICAL ASTRONOMY, II A K I N, M I L F O R D, STEAM COMMUNICATION