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T E N B Y.


T E N B Y. P.ETURN HOME OF C. H. WELLS, ESQ. —On the 23rd ipst. it being expected Mr C. H. Wei ? would bring home Lis bride, toe v:liage of Pen.»i'y wa* saily deeo>ated, no Ie's than seven festoons of flowers and evergreens being stretched across the road alonti which the newly wedded pair would pass. Shortly a'ler two p.m. the tenants of the Penally estate, togetinr with a large concourse of people, assembled at and near thp. railway station, when, on the arrival of the happy pair by the 2 30 trnill, they were saluted by the firing of cannon, the rinsing of the church bells,.and the cheering of hundreds. The horses were removed :ro r his carriage, winch was ia waiting at the station, and drawn by the villagers up to Penalty House, where .Ms- Wtils, in a short but appro- priate speech, thanked them ior the kind feeling they had shown. ;o him. The assembled multitude were then liberally supplied with refreshments. At night there was a boufirc) and a good disp-ay of fireworks, THE RACE BALL.—The first race ball took place on Tuesday evening, the 22nd inst, at which about 130 ladies and gentlemen were present. Dancing was kept np with great spirit until nearly four o'clock, under the able management of the stewards. About one o'cletrk the company sat down to an excellent supper provided by Mr Gregory, in his usual recherche sty!e. Amongst these present we noticed:—Lady C. Allen, Miss C. Alien, Mrs Meyrick, Miss Hill, Mrs T. Allen, Miss F. Allen, Miss J. Allen, Mrs J. Wedgwood, Miss Tyler, Mrs Summers, Miss Summers, Miss Jordan, Mrs Davies, Miss R.Dalies, Miss A. Davies, Mrs Smith, Mrs Ouslow, Miss Douglas, Mrs Ferrior, Mrs Owen Owen, Miss E. Owen, the Misses Thomas, Miss Corhett, Miss Phelps, Mi.->s Herbert, Mrs Abadam, tlJe\1 is,s Abadam, Miss Mogg, Miss Price, Miss Gower, the Misses Duntzo, the Misses Poole, Mrs Lloyd Price, Mrs Anderson, Mrs Shipley, Mrs Turner, &c,&c; the Hon. F. Morgan, Mr Meyrick, Baron de Rutzen, Mr Laws, Mr C. Allen. (Cresel!y). Mr Scourfield, Mr Richards, Mr T. Allen, Mr Summers. Mr Thomas, Mr Herbert, Mr Onslow, Mr Allen, Mr E. Allen, Mr D. Allen, Mr Duntze, Mr Abadam, Major Carmichael, M. jor Nicholas, Captain Flowers. Captain Shipley, Captain Richards, Mr Kitchener, Mr Bowling, Mr Lynch, Mr ) Pcmherton, Mr Clark, Mr Bell, Mr Stokes, Mr Hawkesley, I Mr Blythe, Mr Smythe, Mr J. Laws, Mr Lock, Mr MadeweSl, Mr Turner, Air White, &e, &c.


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