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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPKL IN FOREIGN PARTS.—Sermons were preached in St. Mary's Church, in this town, on Sunday, the 13th inst, in Hid of the above Society, by the let- K. Lewis, Rector of Lampeter Velfrey, when the collection amounted to XS lis 3d. IRISH CHURCH.—The Rev J. Bardsley, of London, delivered a lecture on the It'i-h Church, at the Shire II all, on Thursday even ins. The chair was taken by S. Pitman, Esq. Mr Bards'ey delivered a very able and instructive lecture, and was frequently applauded by a very numerous audience. BLETHF.KSTON.—HARVEST THANKSGIVING SKRVICE.— On the afternoon ot Wednesday last, the 23rd inst, the inhabitants ol the above place assembled together at the renprable parish church to express their gratitude to the Fattier of all mercies (or the abundant harvest of the present yesr. The prayers were read by the new and enorgatic curate of the parish, and appropriate discourses delivered by the Rev D. Jones, Vicar 01 Llawhaden, in English, and the Rev J. Jones, Curate of St. John's, Brecon, in Welsh. The musical part of the service was fdmirably rendered by the Li .whaden choir, couducted by the Misses Jones, of the Vicarage House. It was very pleasing to see so many of the fanners and their workmen together on the occasion. The congregation seemed to enjoy the service immensely, and especially the anthem, which was very creditably sung. A col- lection, amounting to £ 1 2* iLl, was made at the con- clusion of the service in behalf of the Pembrokeshire Infirmary. WALTON "WEST.—On Thursday evening last, a special service of thanksgiving for the productive harvest, was given in the parish church of this place, which was most- t.atefully and elegantly decorated. An impressive and eloquent discourse was delivered to a crowded and deeply attentive congregation, by the Rev J. Fownes, B.A., from I Exodus, xvi. chapter, and part of the 18th verse He that gathered much had nothing over, and he that gathered little had no lack.' The Anthem, as well as the appropriate Hymns, were very effectively and harmoniously sung. After the conclusion of the services, about a hundred and twenty assembled in the schoolroom adjoining, which was also beautifully dressed, wheie they sat down to a tea, provided for them by the Rev E. F. Woodman, M.A., who was most kindly as- sisted by other influential friends. The rev gentleman, after all had partaken, addressed the meeting and pro- posed, in closing, that all should unite in singing God save the Queen,' which was heartily responded to. ROOSE PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Shire Hall, on Saturday, b 'krc A. B. Starbuck, Esq, J. P. Jones, Esq, Rev P. Phelps, and Rev James Phiiipps, D RUNK !2NN ESS. John Howells, James Fuyk, David Tudor, and John White, were charged with drunkenness. The charge against Tudor and HoweJis was dismissed, and the other two defendants were fined 58 and costs. STRAYING ON THE HIGHWAY. John Harries was charged with al owing three pigs to Stray on the highway. The defendant was fined Id for each animal, with costs. Thomas Harries was charged with allowing two cows and one colt to stray on the highway. The case was dismissed. ASSAULT. John Harries, sen., and John Harries, junr., were charged with assaulting Thouias Nicholas, on the 7th September. Mr W. M. Davies appeared for the complainant, and Mr W. John tor the defendants. The defendants were ordered to pay a fine of 5s each and costs. USING ABUSIVE LANGUAGE. Mary iVebb, of Church L•<•?, was charged with using abusive language towards John Kvaas. The case was dismissed. DESERTING APPRENTICESHIP. Edmn Lake, an apprentice, was charged by his master, Ivlr Jubll Lloyd, ship builder, of Hakiu, with deserting his apprenticeship. The defendant consented to return to his service. Tne complainant stated I iiiit he had paid ,-g-l 10s to Scnr. Carroll for the expenses of journeys in search of the defendant. Tne bench adjourned the case, directing enquiries to be made a, t'l why the expense* were so liea-'v,

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